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Home > Tips > Can You Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone

Can You Recover Deleted Call History on iPhone

Can you recover deleted call history on iPhone? In this article, how to recover deleted call history on iPhone is our major concern and some best practical solutions will be given.

Updated Apr 07,2017 | by Shannon

Are you still wondering how to retrieve and view your iPhone call history? 

IPhone call history includes all of the missed calls, inbound calls and outbound calls, which is part of the user's privacy. The leakage of your call history may likely put you on trouble. For instance, you may lose your call history after upgrading the iOS, or worse your iPhone is water damaged or lost. Whatever it is, there's no need to feel depressed as we give you various ways to recover your call logs. 

So, here comes the question - how can you recover deleted call history on iPhone?

Although iPhone has come around iPhone SE and the iOS is improved to iOS 9.3, the problem of deleting call history on iPhone is a common case and may happen to every user. Clearing iPhone is extremely common for freeing up the iPhone, however, it is definitely annoying if you want to call in from the call log but found out that you’ve accidentally cleared recent call logs and did not able to save new contacts from your call history early enough.

And for the worst part, you did not make any iCloud or iTunes backup. You may feel helpless at this point. What’s the best solution to view and retrieve call logs from iPhone directly?

Before recovering the deleted and recent calls from your iPhone, you will need important stuffs such as:

           Your iPhone

           USB lead cable of your iPhone

           The full/free version of recovery data tool

Recover deleted call history on iPhone without backup

You don’t need to be anxious once you have accidentally cleared calls from the call log history on your iPhone. Becuase luckily the deleted data still exists on your iPhone. Thus, all you need to do is keep your mobile device original without deleting or adding any items. Then, find a call history application to view and recover deleted call history.

You might as well consider downloading iPhone Data Recovery tool to your Mac or computer to help you see and retrieve the deleted call log.

Step 1 Download and Install

Download and install iPhone Data Recovery on PC, click on "Recover from iOS device on the left" and click on start. In the pop-up window, click on "Call History" and then click on "Next".


Step 2 Launch A Scan

Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB canble and click on "Scan".


Step 3 Begin Call History Recovery

After the scan done, tick off the deleted call history numbers and click on "Recovery".


Please note that there are other recovery tools available in market, aiming to help you recover deleted call history. iPhone Data Recovery is one of the popular choices as well as Enigma Recovery. These tools are able to recover text messages, iMessages, photos, notes, videos, contacts, calendar events and WhatsApp messages besides call history.

 Importance of recovery software

Others overlook the importance of using recovery tools to retrieve the lost call logs. These are safe and intuitive iPhone data recovery software that helps users retrieve their valuable call history from iPhone. Using it, users will completely relieve from the distress of any types of data loss on iPhone. What’s more interesting about these software tools is that they offer different recovery modes. Choose one which you think is easy enough for you to make the process successful.

 Recover deleted call history on iPhone with backup file

Backup programs and services are designed to help iPhone users protect their data. For iPhone users, the 2 recommended backup methods are iTunes backup and iCloud backup. The Apple's official programs which can help recover your lost iOS data once it is lost.

l  Using iCloud backup

It is such a blessing if you have an iCloud backup to retrieve your lost iPhone call history. The process can be much simpler, thus you don’t have to hire someone who has in-depth technical knowledge. As long as you have the backup file and by following the process below, you are surely on the way to recovering the call logs and getting rid of your concerns.

Ø  Run the software on your computer and click "Recover from iCloud Backup File. Signing in with your iCloud account and download the backup of your phone call log. In the pop-up window, you will see "Call History". Click this button and hit "Next" to scan the call history on this software.

Ø  As soon as you finish scanning the process, you will see "Call History". Click it and view the deleted call history. Choose multiple or single call history (if available), and then click the "Recover" button to bring back your deleted call log.

l   Using iTunes backup

All iTunes backups consist of the call records made up by the time of the backup. However, the only option is to retrieve everything on your iPhone or in the iTunes backup. There's no option of only choosing a single item for recovery. The only problem you will encounter in using this backup file is that restoring the backup from iTunes means overwriting the whole data which exists on the iPhone at this time. In spite of this, users are guaranteed to have a smooth, efficient process of retrieving the deleted call history from iPhone. 

That's all the information about "Can you recover deleted call history on iPhone?". Now, you can give a shot to those given methods above!

Hint: You can also recover deleted photos on iPhone

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