How to Recover Deleted iMessages without Backup from iPhone/iPad

by Niko |Nov 07,2016..

iMessage is a free service that allows iOS users to send and receive unlimited messages including text, photos, videos and etc. between each other over Wi-Fi. Since it’s free and you can read and manage iMessages in Messages app directly, majority of iPhone users like to use iMessages to contact with their families and friends.

However, it is quite common for you to delete iMessages purposely or accidentally. Sometimes, you may need your iMessages conversations and histories back. The question is how to recover deleted iMessages from iPhone/iPad? Is it possible to recover deleted iMessages without backup?

In the following, we will show you how to recover deleted iMessages in 3 ways, helping you recover deleted iMessages with or without backup.

How to Recover Deleted iMessage without Backup

If you have no backup or you only want to recover iMessages without affecting other parts of your iPhone content, you may take benefits from reliable iPhone data recovery software and recover deleted iMessages quickly and safely.

For this purpose, I would recommend Phone Saver, an advanced iPhone recovery tool provides you with easy but complete solution to recover all lost and accidentally deleted iOS files including photos, videos, contacts, reminders, calendar, messages and etc.

How to recover deleted iMessages using Phone Saver? Connect your iPhone to computer, open Phone Saver and click the big “Scan” button. When the scanning is completed, you can see the iPhone files (photos, videos, messages, notes and many others are listed) that can be recovered. Go to Messages tab, and choose the iMessages you want to recover, then click the “RECOVER” button.

Phone Saver allows you to recover all or multiple deleted iMessages with just one click.


How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iTunes Backup

If you backup your iPhone using iTunes regularly, then it’s a great idea to recover deleted iMessages from iTunes backup. How to recover deleted iMessages from iTunes backup, follow these steps:

Connect your iPhone to computer and open iTunes, click on the iPhone’s icon in the upper-left corner of the iTunes windows to view your iPhone. In the Backup section, you will see the latest backup information of your iPhone. If you have backed up your iPhone previously, then click “Restore Backup…” button in iTunes.


How to Recover Deleted iMessages from iCloud Backup

With iCloud backup, you are able to recover deleted iMessages without connecting your iPhone to computer. If you have already turn on iCloud backup, then your iPhone content and data will be backed up to iCloud automatically. This time, it’s easy and convenient for you to recover deleted iMessages from iCloud backup. How to recover deleted iMessages from iCloud backup:

Firstly, go to Settings > General, and erase all the content on your iPhone. When your iPhone restarts, choose “Restore from iCloud Backup”. It takes few minutes to finish, and your deleted iMessages will be recovered.

Recover backup from iTunes and iCloud will erase all the content on your iPhone, and it will be replaced by the old version content. When the recovery is finished, your iPhone will be recovered to the older version, including iMessages. It works only on the condition that you backed up your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud before.

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