How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone - Restore iPhone Videos without Backup

by Shannon |Nov 11,2016..

Data loss is a common thing when you are dealing with different electronic devices, especially a smart phone. They are something very handy and allows to perform a lot of function. With a large amount of storage present in the phone, you can save a lot of important data in it. The saved data has many forms. It can be in the form of a text message or a picture, a video or an email. All of these help us in the hour of need because we have the phone with ourselves every time.


Life is full of enjoyable moments which we want to capture. The smart phone gives us that opportunity to record our favorite moment and make it a memory that will last forever. We can relive and enjoy that memory again, whenever we want to by just clicking on an option in the iPhone. Imagine you lost your favorite memory just because you broke your phone. As iPhones are easy to break, there are many chances that you will lose your favorite memory with the breakage of your phone.


Apart from breakage, there is time when we delete a video accidently or by mistake. What if you don’t have a backup of that video? The backing up is a long and a tiring process which can be annoying for so many people so they just skip this thing and regret it when they lost their video. But it is not a difficult task to recover deleted videos from iPhone.


There are many options in the market which allow you to recover deleted videos. One of the best software which will help you recover deleted iPhone video in some easy steps is Phone Saver. Phone saver is a software which is used to recover deleted video for free. You can recover all the videos in your phone without their backup.

Here are the steps by which you can recover deleted videos:


Step 1:

The first step is to install the Phone saver software on your phone. It will just take only a few moments to get it installed. After the completion of the installation process, activate it with the help of a license code. This code will be provided to you.


Step 2:

Next step is to connect your device to your PC or MAC. This will be the crucial step in finding your deleted file. After the connection of your device with the PC, the scan procedure will start. In this procedure, your deleted data will be scanned to find the respective file.


Step 3:

After the scan process, the deleted files of your phone will be shown on the screen of your PC with the help of a Phone saver software. Select the videos option from the left panel. All the deleted videos will appear over there. Select the one you want and click restore. After that choose a destination for the file and click ok.


Here were some easy steps you needed to know to recover deleted videos from iPhone. Use Phone Saver software to make this process easy and simple.

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