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iPhone Not Showing Up on Computer, How to Fix It?
If your iPhone just does not showing up as a portable device on Windows computer properly. In this article, we are going to introduce you some methods to fix iPhone not showing up on computer issue.
How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer (Windows & Mac)
How to transfer music from iPhone to computer? iTunes doesn’t allow users to copy music files from iOS devices to computer. If you want to transfer music from your iPhone to your PC/Mac, now you can make use of IOTransfer and transfer music files with few simple clicks.
How to Transfer Photos from Computer to iPhone Easily
How to transfer photos from computer to iPhone? As the best iTunes alternative, in this article, a more convenient iPhone transfer software will be provided to help you transfer any photos from PC to iPhone with much ease!
iPhone Tips: How to Block and Unblock a Number on iPhone
How to block and unblock a number on iPhone? If you have someone or some annoying numbers that you don’t want to receive calls or messages from, now we give you tips to block numbers on iPhone. We will also show you how to unblock a number on iPhone, just in case you change mind.
How to Move iPhone Photo to Ubuntu - Ubuntu iPhone Photo Transfer
Ubuntu iPhone photo transfer is possible. Read this article to learn how to copy/move/transfer iPhone photo to Ubuntu. Transfer photos from iPhone 7/6s/6 plus to Ubuntu easily and safely.
How to install iTunes on Ubuntu Linux Using Wine
As you may know, iTunes isn’t available for Ubuntu Linux as a native application. But still you’re able to install it using tools like WINE or PlayOnLinux. You have to note that each version of iTunes may give you different user experience on Wine.
How to Use iTunes Like a Boss (Part II)
Previously we’ve discussed some cool iTunes functions and features. In this article we’ll list out some more handy tips to make the most out of iTunes.
[Tips] How to Install Cydia Tweaks without Jailbreak iPhone
If you are a fan of Cydia but have an iPhone which hasn't been jailbroken. Read this tutorial and learn how to install Cydia Tweaks without jailbreak.
4 Secret iPhone Hacks
So, do you think you’ve experienced the full power of iPhone? May be you haven’t yet!
How to Transfer Files from Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch to PC
You can easily transfer files between PC and your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using iTunes or IOTransfer. In this article, we will discuss how to transfer files from the device of your choice to a PC based on Windows OS.
Why Can’t I Find Low Power Mode on iPad After Updating to iOS 9
Low Power Mode of iO9 is a cool new feature Apple added which promise you an additional 1 hour of battery backup until you charge iPhone.
How to Fix the Stuck on Apple Logo Issue During iOS 9/9.2/9.2.1 Update
This is quite common and an annoying problem that may put some people into panic and start worrying about their hardware. If you are updating to a new iOS find the phone is stuck on Apple logo, try these workarounds.
How to Backup Your iPhone Photos
People take pictures with iPhone almost everyday. It would be a great frustrating if the photos were lost because of system update, crash, hardware failure or stolen issue. Backup iPhone photos regularly can totally help you stay away from the mess.
iPad, iPod and iPhone Won't Sync with iTunes, Why and How to Fix It?
Syncing your iPhone with iTunes is really straight forward but sometimes it just won’t work. Here we’ll talk about all the things you can do in order to get your iPhone all synced up.
iPhone and iPad Can't Connect to App Store. How to Fix It?
If you use iPhone or iPad, you may occasionally encounter the issue that "Cannot connect to App Store" when you're trying to access the App Store. Good news is that there are really simple ways that can help you.
Why Can’t I Open Links in Safari/Mail/Message App
This is a commonly reported problem. Don’t worry if you are unable to open links in Safari, Messages, Email and other apps on their iPhone iPad running with iOS 9.3. Here are the fixes.
How to Fix the Safari Crashes on iPhone After Upgrading to iOS 9.2.1
When you open Safari on iOS 9.2.1 and tap on the search/address bar, the browser crashes instantly to the home screen. This can be a frustrating issue if safari is your main browser.
How to Backup iPhone Contacts to iCloud, iTunes, or Email - the Best Tool for iPhone Contact Backup Is Available
How to backup iPhone contacts to iCloud, iTunes, or Email? As we all know, contacts list is considered as one of the most important stuff stored on your iPhone. In case you need to restore it or transfer it to a new iPhone device, we highly recommend you to back up your contacts in case of any loss.
Is your iPhone Safe? Ways to Improve iPhone Privacy
Your privacy in iPhone would be easy in danger when connecting to public networks or your iPhone getting stolen. Here are few methods that can improve the privacy and strengthen the security of your iPhone.
How To Update Your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch To Latest iOS (Part 4)
Previously we’ve discussed about the common problems that may arise while updating iOS. In this article we will discuss the things you should do after updating to a new iOS.

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