How to Add Subtitles to YouTube VideosNew
Adding subtitles to YouTube videos will make your video more popular. We will introduce you how to add subtitles to YouTube video easily in this article.
Top 12 Tips to Fix No Service on iPhone XS After iOS 12 UpdateNew
How to fix no service or searching on iPhone XS after updating to iOS 12? The article lists 12 tips for you to fix no service on iPhone XS after iOS 12 upgrade.
Top 5 Free Animated GIF Makers Online - Create GIFs OnlineNew
Instead of using Photoshop or other professional tools, you can take advantages of GIF maker to create GIFs. In the following article, we pick up and list top 5 free animated GIF makers online, and you can make full use of them to easily create GIFs from photos & videos.
What to Do If iPhone Can’t Make or Receive Calls after Updating to iOS 12New
Recently, many iPhone users respond that iPhone can’t make or receive calls after updating to iOS 12. In the following tutorial, I will introduce some very basic and practical methods to fix this issue.
How to Download Videos from Reddit on iPhone or PCNew
There is no need to download a app to download videos from Reddit. Learn to download Reddit videos on iPhone and PC.
[Tips] How to Fix it If iPhone Won’t Turn offNew
Is there something wrong that your iPhone won’t turn off? Don’t worry, in the following tutorial, you will learn the most practical ways to solve it when iPhone doesn’t turn off.
How to Download Facebook Video to MP3 [2 Methods]New
Want to know how to download Facebook video to MP3 format? The article shows 2 methods to download Facebook video to MP3 so that you can enjoy them offline.
AutoFill Password iPhone – How to AutoFill Password on iPhone iOS 12New
Do you know how to autofill password on iPhone iOS 12? You will no longer need to remember the messy passwords with the help of AutoFill Password. Learn how to autofill password on iPhone iOS 12 in this article.
Free Download SoundCloud Songs to iPhone or PCNew
Do you want to listen to free music offline? This article will show you how to free download SoundCloud songs to iPhonem iPad or PC.
10 Best Sites to Download Free Ringtones for iPhone in iOS 12New
In addition to making your own ringtones, you can also find and download tons of free ringtones for iPhone directly from the Internet. In this article, we pick 10 best sites for you to download free ringtones for iPhone in iOS 12.
[Exclusive] How to Transfer DVD to iPad and iPhone EffortlesslyNew
If you’re wondering how to transfer DVD to iPad and iPhone for a more enjoyable visual experience, this is the right place you come to. In the following tutorial, I will provide you with an easy-to-use DVD to iPad/iPhone converter and introduce how to use it.
Why Won’t My iPhone Update to iOS 12 and How to Fix It
Why won’t my iPhone update to iOS 12? This question is recently asked by lots of iDevice users. In this tutorial, I will explain the reason and provide you with a way to fix it.
Some Practical Ways to Fix Facebook Not Working on iPhone
It should be quite bothering when the issue Facebook not working on iPhone occurs. So, in this tutorial, I will explain what the cause to it is and how to fix it in some practical methods.
How to Upload a PowerPoint to YouTube?
Do you know how to upload a PowerPoint to YouTube? It is easy to do it without any third-party software. We will introduce you some simple methods to upload the PowerPoint to YouTube step by step in this article.
Apple Airpods vs Earpods Comparison: Are Airpods Better Than Earpods?
Are Apple Airpods Better Than Earpods? Which Apple earphone do you want to buy? You may have the answer after viewing the Apple Airpods vs Earpods comparison.
How to Listen to Music While Charging iPhone XS/XS Max [2 Options]
Want to listen to music while charging your iPhone XS/XS Max? The article lists two options for you to enjoy music and charge your iPhone XS/XS Max at the same time.
2 Ways to Download Files on iPhone [One Is Provided by Apple]
Want to download files on iPhone or iPad? You absolutely can. Here are 2 perfect methods to help you download any types of files on iOS device.
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android – The Quickest Ways Available
If you’re still wondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, then, don’t worry. In the following tutorial, some basic and practical methods will be provided.
How to Convert MOV Video to GIF on iPhone or PC
Learn 2 free ways to convert MOV video to GIF on PC or iPhone. You can pick part or the video or the entire video to convert to GIF without watermark.
[Updated] 20 iOS 12 Potential Problems, Issues and Solutions
iOS 12 update has been causing various problems. In the following, we list top 20 iOS 12 potential problems and issues that we collected from iOS 12 users, and also offer solutions to fix these iOS 12 problems on your iPhone or iPad.

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