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[Practical Tips] How to Fix the CarPlay Not Working
Do you ever meet the problem of CarPlay not working when you trying to play your iPhone contents in your own car? In this article, some practical solutions will be provided to fix this issue.
<2 Methods>How to Download Instagram Video with Siri Shortcuts Easily
Do you know how to download Instagram video with Siri Shortcuts? It is easy to do it with some simple steps. You can learn how to download Instagram video with Siri Shortcuts in this tutorial.
3 Ways to Remove Duplicate Songs from iPhone for Free
Learn 3 methods to remove duplicate songs on iPhone. Third one enables you to sort and delete all duplicate music without iTunes or PC.
How to Bulk Delete iPhone Messages
If you don’t know how to bulk delete iPhone messages, just check this guide. The article shows how to bulk delete iPhone messages with ease.
[Solved] How to Fix It If Apps Won’t Be Downloaded iOS 12
What to do when Apps won’t be downloaded in ios 12? In the following article, some trustworthy ways will be provided to troubleshoot this issue.
How to Fix iOS 12 Copy and Paste Issue on iPhone
If you are facing copy and paste issue on your iPhone or iPad after iOS 12 update, don’t miss this article, in which we’ll help you figure out how to fix iOS 12 copy and paste issue on iPhone.
Is My iPhone Hacked – How to Tell If Your iPhone Is Hacked
Is my iPhone Hacked? Do you want to know whether your iPhone is tapped or `there is any spyware installed? Read the article and you will find the answer.
Top Instagram Photo Downloader – Bulk Download Instagram Photos
Here, we introduce you 3 Instagram Photo Downloaders, letting you bulk download Instagram photos & images to iPhone/iPad/iPod and PC. In this way, it’s easy and convenient for you to share Instagram photos.
How to Loop YouTube Videos on iPhone
If you’re worrying about how to loop YouTube videos on iPhone, check this article. The guide provides you with two methods to loop YouTube videos on iPhone or iPad.
Download Ringtones Straight to iPhone without Computer
You can customize your ringtones on iPhone without iTunes or Computer. Learn to create and download ringtones straight to iPhone without computer.
YouTube GIF Maker – Convert YouTube Video to Animated GIF
For anyone who wants to convert YouTube videos to GIFs, feel free to try IOTransfer YouTube GIF Maker. In this article, we will introduce you the YouTube GIF Maker in detail, and show you how to make YouTube videos to GIFs with it.
How to Block an Email Address on iPhone Quickly
It is annoyed to receive a lot of spam mails on iPhone every day. So do you know how to block an email address on iPhone? In this article, we will show you how to do it in Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo.
iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode in iOS 12 – Advanced Tricks
iPhone Do Not Disturb mode has many useful scenarios and you can automate it. check this to learn all you need to know about it and a few advanced tricks.
[Solutions] How to Fix Tumblr Videos Not Playing
This article provides some very practical solutions to Tumblr videos not playing, for example, the video crash, black screen, and endless loading.
[Solved] How to Hide Apps via Screen Time in iOS 12
Want to know how to hide apps in iOS 12 from others who might snoop? Check this guide now. It shows how to hide apps from Screen Time in iOS 12. In such way, you can hide both stock and downloaded apps in iOS 12.
Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone Using iOS 12 New Feature
With iOS 12, there are a few new tricks to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone by using Siri Shortcuts and other apps. Read on to check it out.
[Tutorial] How to Download Movie Trailers for Free
In the following tutorial, you’re going to learn how to download movie trailers for free and transfer them to both your computer and iOS device.
What to Do If iPhone Email Loads Slowly in iOS 12
Many people respond that iPhone email loads slowly in iOS 12. In this tutorial, some basic practical methods will be given to help you solve this problem.
How to Trim a Video on iPhone [3 Methods]
You need to trim a video on iPhone if you want to remove some unwanted portion of your video. In this tutorial, we will recommend 3 simple methods about how to trim a video on iPhone.
The Easiest Way to Download Instagram Photos, Videos to GIFs
In this guide, we’ll introduce you the easiest way to download Instagram photos and videos to GIFs. All you need is a useful tool that lets you download Instagram photos & videos and make the them to GIFs. Luckily, IOTransfer is the one can help. Let’s see how it works.

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