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iPhone SE vs iPhone 6s – What’s the Main Difference and How to Make Choice
Finally, iPhone SE was unveiled. Now, we compare the feature, performance and price of iPhone SE and iPhone 6s to help you find out their main differences and choose properly as well.
How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone
Got a new iPhone? All you need to do is transfer all your data from your old iPhone to the new one. Here, we show 3 ways to easily transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone.
Common iPhone 6 Problems and How to Fix Them (Part I)
iPhone 6 problems that are commonly reported and easy fixes to overcome them.
iPhone Gets Too Hot! Tips for Preventing iPhone Overheating Issue
Frequent overheating will cause function failure and damage the hardware of your iPhone. If your iPhone gets hot every now and then, you might take it seriously and follow these tips.
How to Check Data Usage on iPhone, and How to Effectively Reduce High iPhone Data Usage?
Many iPhone users confront with excessive data usage problem after updating their iPhone devices to iOS 9. How to check data usage on iPhone, and how to reduce high iPhone data usage effectively? Here, we are going to share some tips to help fix this issue.
Why My iPhone Is So Slow
Some of us will ask "why my iPhone is so slow after the system updates?" Especially If you’re on an iPhone 6/6S/SE, the iOS 9 or later updates may work smooth. But it’s not same for older devices.
Fix iOS 9 Battery Life Issues On iPhone And iPad
What do you think about your iPhone/iPad’s battery performance after updating to iOS9? Some reports say few users experience battery life problems after upgrading to iOS 9, Here's how to fix it!

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