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How to Use iTunes File Sharing to Transfer Files to Apps
iTunes File Sharing feature allows you to transfer files between your iPhone apps and PC/Mac. In this article, you’ll learn all you need to know about iTunes File Sharing.
Forget iCloud Password: How to Reset/Recover iCloud Password
Forgetting iCloud password can be a big trouble. As iCloud stores all your photos, videos, notes, contacts, emails and other documents. One has your iCloud password can access whatever they want. So here we are going to teach a few tricks to help you recover your iCloud password.
iPhone Data Recovery – How to Put iPhone in Recovery Mode and Recover Lost/Deleted Data on iPhone
In the following, we will discuss iPhone data recovery issue, and show you how to put iPhone in recovery mode and recover lost/deleted data on iPhone in detail.
How to Recover Deleted iMessages without Backup from iPhone/iPad
How to recover deleted iMessages without backup? You can recover deleted iMessages from iPhone/iPad without iTunes backup. We will show you how to recover old iMessages with or without backup.
How To Replace Your iPhone Battery
For this DIY, you will need a narrow-end spudger and a small Phillips screwdriver. Also, make sure you've completely read the whole article before diving into it.
How To Use Background App Refresh On iPhone and iPad
In this article I will be telling you all about background app refresh and how should you use it.
Best Music Streaming Services For iPhone
Here is a list of best music streaming service applications. The list is based on user ratings, so you can trust them for what they really are.
How To Change, Reset, Delete or Create A New Apple ID
People find it hard and complicated to change or delete or reset their apple IDs. Hence, I've decided to cover this topic so that everyone can instantly get help in issues regarding their Apple IDs.
How To Use Photo Stream and iCloud Sharing
Learn how to make the most out of photo stream and iCloud sharing.
How to Download Pictures from iPhone to Computer - Download Pictures from iPhone to PC and Mac
In this article, we will show you how to download pictures from iPhone to computer (PC & Mac) by using IOTransfer, the best and easiest-to-use iOS file transfer and management tool let you transfer pictures between iPhone, iPad, iPod and computer simply.
How to Enable Cookies on Mac – Enable Cookies in Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Mac
Cookies speed up the connection to websites. How to enable cookies on Mac? Here's how enable cookies in Chrome, Safari and Firefox on Mac.
How To Authorize and De-authorize iTunes
iTunes is a central hub for purchased music, videos and audios that can only be used on computers which have been made authorized for the use of iTunes. Learn how to authorize and de-authorize iTunes on PC.
How To Repair a Broken iPhone 5
Looking forward to replacing a iPhone 5 screen? Following steps will surely help you in repairing your iPhone screens by yourself.
Apple TV: How It Works
What is unique about Apple TV? How it works? Well, here's the answer.
How to Reset Your Apple ID password
Every technique that can be dealt with a forgotten Apple ID password comprises of resetting it completely. Here’s how.
How to Use Apple Pay
Here's how to get started with Apple Pay
Best Weather Apps for iPhone 2016
Free and paid best weather apps that will come in handy!
My Photo Stream: A Comprehensive Guide for iPhone and iPad Users
Photostream on your devices is an important feature and does more than just keeping your memories saved. Let us review how it works and what features you can use for your benefit.
iPhone and iPad Can’t Download Apps from App Store, How to Fix the Problem?
Can’t download Apps from App Store after an update? Nothing to worry about since this is a common problem faced by many. Luckily for you, we have a list of a few solutions you could try.
How to Delete Multiple/All Emails on iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/7
How to delete multiple/all emails on iPhone 6/6 Plus/6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7? Read on to learn easy methods to delete all emails at once on iPhone without losing any other data.

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