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Home > Tips > What is iBooks? Things to Know About iBooks Store

What is iBooks? Things to Know About iBooks Store

What is Apple's iBook store? Is it for you? Well, here's the answer.

Updated Dec 16,2016 | by Mike

If you are a book freak then as soon as you get a new iPad or iPhone, the first application you try will be iBooks. It is a very well created application; it’s like using two applications within one. It enables you to find and buy eBooks and audiobooks in the iBooks Store. Organize, view, and sync them in the iBooks reader. You can modify your reading and listening experience, including paper and ink color. You can even collect all your PDF files. 

A convenient application:                                                                                        

Only iBooks has an in-app store integration which allows the user to conveniently connect to the ebookstore so that they can add new content to their personal library. It has five sections; My Books, Featured, Top Chart, Search and Purchased plus you can customize book listiings as PDFs, audio books and samples.

Customize iBooks for iPhone and iPad:                                                              

You might find a printed book boring or dull after sometime. But with Apple’s built in application you don’t have to see the same font, same text and page color over and over! You can alter the color, font size, font style however you like to enhance your reading experience. Not just once, you can make changes whenever you like.

Available for only Apple users:                                                                 

You can use this application on any product manufactured by Apple. The application is by default present in iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. The books can be synced through your iCloud account. You can easily work with the application if you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or a Mac.

Not available in all countries:                                                                                  

The Apple iBook store is available in only 50 countries currently. Also, some countries have trouble accessing certain features of the iBook store. You can use the iBooks app without the iBooks Store, but you will have only a rather limited selection of free ebooks. That’s why you will have to rely on other sources of ebooks.

Gift a book:                                          

A few years back there was no such feature as “Gift A Book” however, this has now changed. In the iBooks app, click on the “iBooks Store” button in the top left corner. Look for the book you want to gift and go to its product page. Under the book’s cover, click on the first button, a drop-down menu will appear. Select the first option in the list: “Gift This Book”. You will see a dialog box appear where you have to write the email address of the recipient, your name, and a short message for the recipient. 

Does not have a web store:                                                                                     

Apple’s iBooks does not have a web store. The only way to access iBooks Store is through iBooks Applications or iTunes. 

Can’t read books from browser:                                                                              

Amazon offers an access to Kindle books through the web browser. However, iBooks does not allow to access, manage or read books through the web browser. Apple lays a lot of pressure on the textbooks and they use only their devices in education. However it is not affordable for everyone. Only the richest students who can afford iPads or Macs can study this way.

Google can help:                                                                                                       

A good way out is that there is a way to browse the iBooks Store without having to buy the iPad or Mac. Apple does not have a web storefront. But the content from iTunes is available online in a limited form. This can be looked up by using Google web search.

iBooks is not the only choice:                                                                               

You can read ebooks in many applications and not just one. You can pick up iBooks, Kindle, Kobo, or Marvin to explore ebooks.

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