Easily Manage iPhone, iPad & iPod Apps

Need to manage apps on your iPhone or iPad? IOTransfer ensures you an easy way. With IOTransfer, you can easily remove multiple apps at the same time with one click. Just connect all your iPhone/iPad/iPod to PC with USB cable, and you’ll be able to bulk-delete those unwanted and useless apps from your iOS devices.

Enjoy Favorite iBooks Anywhere

With IOTransfer, you’re now able to enjoy iBooks on any devices, anywhere. IOTransfer performs effectively especially on iBooks bulk transfer from computer to iPhone/iPad. Just connect your iPhone/iPad to computer, and import the books you’ve already downloaded on your PC. What’s more, you can transfer from PC to multiple iOS devices at the same time.

Transfer and Backup Audio Files

If you want to listen to audio files, such as voice memos, podcasts, and call recording on computer anytime, you can export from iPhone/iPad/iPod to computer with IOTransfer. Storage space is no longer a problem, since IOTransfer builds a bridge between your iPhone and computer. Save on computer as a backup, and free up spaces on iOS devices.

Download IOTransfer to Transfer and Backup iPhone/iPad Data Easily - iOS 11 Supported

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