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Home > Tips > How to Delete Apps on iOS 10

How to Delete Apps on iOS 10

iPhone as the popular mobile phone has been a hub of our activities. With the passage of time, a lot of applications get stored in iPhone that should be deleted to clear out space. Now, question to how to delete apps on ios 10 will be answered in the following.

Updated Apr 12,2017 | by Shannon

iPhones have been the hub of our activities. Whether it is social media or something related to our professional life, we need our iPhone for different purposes. With the passage of time, a lot of applications get stored into the phone that should be deleted to free up space on iPhone. Now, question to how to delete apps in iOS 10 will be answered in the following.

Delete a particular app that you don't use any more:

l  Press the icon of the app you want to delete and hold until it jiggles

l  Tap the little X in the upper left corner of the app icon

l  Choose "Delete" in the popup window

Deleting Multiple Apps from Setting

The ios 10 provides its users with the facility to delete the unwanted applications from the settings menu. The applications will be then permanently deleted from your mobile allowing you to effectively store new information in it. For this purpose, you need to go to the storage managing page on your iPhone. This page can be accessed through the following steps:

Go to the setting application, then general setting. After that, select the storage & iCloud storage option. After getting into that option, you will be able to get to the storage managing page.

Ways to delete apps ios 10:

To delete apps ios 10, you need to follow the following steps:

l  Open up the setting and get to the icon of the application that you want to delete.

l  After finding the icon of the desired application, push a little bit down on the icon until it starts dancing.

l  After some seconds, an x symbol will appear on the icon of the application on the top left side.

l  Tap on that x symbol, you will be provided with a message for the confirmation of deletion.

l  Click on remove to get rid of that application.

With the steps that are explained above, you can also delete the pre-installed applications on your phone as well. However, if you are deleting the pre-installed applications only to free some space on your mobile, don't do this. As these applications come as part of the bundle by the system. There is a possibility that some of them are integrated with Siri and they are not actually deleted, they just hide from the home screen. The pre-installed applications that can be deleted include the calculator, calendar, music, compass, face time, find my friends, iBooks, iCloud drive, new, notes, reminders, stocks, tips, videos, voice memos, watch application and tips.

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