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Home > Tips > How to Delete Apps on iPhone X in iOS 12 – Remove iPhone Apps

How to Delete Apps on iPhone X in iOS 12 – Remove iPhone Apps

Unwanted apps may add up to thousands of megabytes shortening the available memory of your iPhone. So let’s have a look on how to delete apps from iPhone X/XR/XS/XS Max in iOS 12 with the help of the 3D touch or other tools.

Updated Jan 18,2017 | by Shannon

Many of you definitely have a great number of apps installed on iPhone. In fact, some apps are rarely used or even opened. Too many apps will not only run out of the available storage, but also slow your iPhone down. So, it would be necessary to delete those unused apps from iPhone. The question is HOW.

Here, we summarized 3 ways to delete apps on your iPhone in iOS 12. No matter you are using the latest iPhone XR Max or iPhone 8 or earlier iOS device, you can always choose the best solution for you to delete apps on iPhone.

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Method 1: Bulk Delete Apps on iPhone with IOTransfer

It’s quite convenient to delete apps directly on iPhone. But when it comes to delete multiple iPhone apps, you’d better make use of IOTransfer. You can only delete apps one by one on iPhone, while IOTransfer lets you bulk delete multiple/all iPhone apps with just 1 click.

In addition to deleting apps, you are able to transfer contents, download YouTube videos, convert videos & audios, clean up iOS devices and make GIFs with IOTransfer.

Let’s see how to bulk delete iPhone apps in the easiest way. First thing’s first is to free download IOTransfer, and install it properly on your Windows PC.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) to PC via a USB cable, and run IOTransfer. Normally, the device will be automatically recognized. If not, follow the guide to make your iPhone be recognized correctly.

Step 2: Go to MANAGE > Apps, choose the apps you want to delete from iPhone or simply choose “Select All”.

Step 3: Click “Delete” to remove apps from iPhone.


Method 2: Delete Apps on iPhone with Lightly Press

It is really simple to delete or remove an unwanted app on iPhone directly. The first thing you got to do is to pick the app to be deleted through your home screen.

Step 1: Tap and hold that particular icon on the screen until the icon starts to jiggle or shake. Once the icon starts jiggling, you could see a small “x” popping right on top of the app icon.

Step 2: Click on “x” in the upper-left corner of the app and delete it and the related data. Tap Done on an iPhone X or later, for iPhone 8 or earlier device users, press the Home button to back to normal.

Note: you may open the Share menu if you press the app too firmly, if the iPhone features with 3D Touch. So, you need to press the app with lightly touch.


Method 3: Delete iPhone Apps in the Settings

There is another way available to delete apps in the Settings on your iPhone. In this way, you can view the detailed information of app size and documents & data. Once you tap on “Delete App”, then the app and all related data will be removed from iPhone. This action cannot be undone. Here are the steps:

Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > tap on the app, and “Delete App”


Bottom Line

It’s very convenient to delete single app on iPhone using method 2 and 3. But for users who have needs to delete multiple apps on iPhone, we highly recommend IOTransfer. The tool cannot only helps delete apps, but also transfer iOS files like photos, music, videos, download & convert videos and much more.

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