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iPhone Do Not Disturb Mode in iOS 12 – Advanced Tricks
iPhone Do Not Disturb mode has many useful scenarios and you can automate it. check this to learn all you need to know about it and a few advanced tricks.
Take a Scrolling Screenshot on iPhone Using iOS 12/13 New Feature
With iOS 12 or iOS 13, there are a few new tricks to take a scrolling screenshot on iPhone by using Siri Shortcuts and other apps. Read on to check it out.
What to Do If iPhone Email Loads Slowly in iOS 12
Many people respond that iPhone email loads slowly in iOS 12. In this tutorial, some basic practical methods will be given to help you solve this problem.
5 Ways to Fix iTunes Cannot Read the Contents of the iPhone 2018
When you try to sync files to iPhone, there are chances you will receive an error “iTunes cannot read contents if the iPhone”. Don’t worry. Here are 5 methods to fix it.
How to Speed up Video on iPhone or iPad Using Apple’s Apps
Want to change playback speed of videos in Camera Roll? Apple has provides two free apps to help you speed up video on iPhone or iPad.
Top 12 Tips to Fix No Service on iPhone XS After iOS 12 Update
How to fix no service or searching on iPhone XS after updating to iOS 12? The article lists 12 tips for you to fix no service on iPhone XS after iOS 12 upgrade.
What to Do If iPhone Can’t Make or Receive Calls after Updating to iOS 12
Recently, many iPhone users respond that iPhone can’t make or receive calls after updating to iOS 12. In the following tutorial, I will introduce some very basic and practical methods to fix this issue.
AutoFill Password iPhone – How to AutoFill Password on iPhone iOS 12
Do you know how to autofill password on iPhone iOS 12? You will no longer need to remember the messy passwords with the help of AutoFill Password. Learn how to autofill password on iPhone iOS 12 in this article.
Free Download SoundCloud Songs to iPhone or PC
Do you want to listen to free music offline? This article will show you how to free download SoundCloud songs to iPhonem iPad or PC.
Why Won’t My iPhone Update to iOS 12 and How to Fix It
Why won’t my iPhone update to iOS 12? This question is recently asked by lots of iDevice users. In this tutorial, I will explain the reason and provide you with a way to fix it.
2 Ways to Download Files on iPhone [One Is Provided by Apple]
Want to download files on iPhone or iPad? You absolutely can. Here are 2 perfect methods to help you download any types of files on iOS device.
[Updated] 20 iOS 12 Potential Problems, Issues and Solutions
iOS 12 update has been causing various problems. In the following, we list top 20 iOS 12 potential problems and issues that we collected from iOS 12 users, and also offer solutions to fix these iOS 12 problems on your iPhone or iPad.
[Tips] How to Fix It If iOS 12 Battery Drains too Fast
Almost every time, after a new iOS update, users complain about the battery issue. The same thing occurs recently after some people update their devices and complain iOS 12 battery drains too fast. In this tutorial, I will mention why this happen and how to improve iOS 12 battery life.
How to Search Photos on iOS 12 - Photo Search on iPhone
iOS 12 brings many new features to us. We can search photos in the gallery more conveniently and more accurately. This page lets you know the detailed information of how to search photos on iOS 12 for more accurate result in an easy way.
iPhone Becomes Slow After Updating to iOS 12
If you’re wondering why your iPhone becomes slow after updating to iOS 12, read this tutorial and you will learn the reason. Then, some practical methods to solve the issue are provided.
Use iPhone XS/XS Max to Adjust Depth of Field on iOS 12.1
It sounds great that iPhone XS/XS Max can adjust depth of field on iOS 12.1 beta. Check the article to learn how to adjust depth of field on iPhone XS/XS Max in iOS 12.1.
How to Block Adult Content with Parental Controls on iPhone X in iOS 12
Parental Controls, also known as Content & Privacy Restrictions in Screen Time, allows you to restrict or block some specific apps, features & settings on iPhone and iPad. In the following, we are going to show you how to block adult content with parental controls on iPhone X in iOS 12.
5 iOS 12 Updating Problems and Quick Fixes
Since the iOS 12 was released for a while, many people have met some problems when they are trying to update to iOS 12. Here, we’ve collected 5 iOS 12 updating problems people may meet, and listing the potential fixes to solve these problems.
Best iOS 12 AR Games in 2018 You Should Try
iOS 12 brings us an amazing Augmented Reality experience and the AR game is one of the best examples. Today, I will introduce some good iPhone/iPad games you can play on iOS 12.
How to Use Dual SIM in iOS 12 on iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max
Apple introduced new Dual SIM Dual Standby feature in the latest iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It makes possible and very convenient to manage different phone lines on just 1 device. How to Use Dual SIM in iOS 12 on iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

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