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Home > Tips > What’s the Best Solution When YouTube Won’t Upload Videos from iPhone

What’s the Best Solution When YouTube Won’t Upload Videos from iPhone

YouTube offers us the most convenient way to share our own videos with us but many users complain they can't upload video to YouTube from iPhone. What are the causes and how to fix it are what we’re going to discuss in this article.

Updated May 18,2018 | by Micky

Q: Why won't my video upload to YouTube from iPhone?

YouTube provides us with great convenience to watch various funny videos shared by others and also allows us to publish our own videos from devices. However, more and more people complain YouTube won’t upload videos from iPhone with the pop-up warning “Error Uploading Video to YouTube from iPhone”.

What are the causes and how to fix the YouTube uploading issue on iPhone are the major topic we are going to talking about.

Error uploading video YouTube iPhone

Common Causes of YouTube Uploading Failure on iPhone and Their Corresponding Solutions

Bad Network Connection

If you are suffering from a really bad network connection, the uploading speed could be rather slow and a timeout can occur as well. In this case, please contact your internet provider, avoid the peak hours, convert 3G to 4G, or restart the router and reconnect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

The YouTube Account Is Not Authorized

If your YouTube account is not verified, you will not be allowed to upload videos longer than 15 minutes. You must go to and then you will be asked to provide your phone number for account verification so that you can receive a verification code via voice call or SMS.


The Video Is Too Large to Be Uploaded

The videos shot on your iPhone or edited by iMovie can be quite large which may be beyond the maximum load of the bandwidth and causes a timeout. To fix this, you will need to compress the videos by downgrading the resolution, bit rate, and frame rates.


Incompatible Video Formats

If the video format and encoder are not compatible with the ones required by YouTube, then you cannot successfully upload it. To solve this problem, you need to first transfer the iPhone video to PC and try this best third-party video converter to convert the video to MP4 H264 which is the optimal type for YouTube.

Step 1. Install and launch iFun Video Converter. Hit “+Add Files” to add the video to the interface.

Step 2. Click on gear button "Custom" on the right. In the opened panel, go to the video tag and select MP4 and H264 as the output format.

Step 3. Click on “Okay” to start the video conversion.


How to Upload iPhone Videos to YouTube in the Right Ways

Why won’t YouTube upload videos from my iPhone? Considering there could be a chance that you didn’t conduct the uploading process correctly, I will offer a step-by-step guide on how to do it. There are 2 ways to upload a video to YouTube from iPhone.

Method 1 Directly Upload A Video to YouTube from Camera Roll

In this way, you don’t even need to download the YouTube App which is pretty straightforward. Here are the detailed steps you can refer to.

1.       Go to the photo App on your iPhone, open Camera Roll and select the video folder.

2.       Select the target video, tap on “Share” on the left and hit “Next”.

3.       A panel with different items including YouTube, Vimeo, and Mail pops up. Select YouTube.

4.       Login in your YouTube account.

5.       Add a description and preset video quality, category and audience.


6.       Tap on “Publish” to start the video uploading

Method 2 Upload YouTube Videos via the YouTube App

It’s very similar to Method 1 and there are only some sequence changes.

1.       Open the YouTube App on your iPhone and sign in.

2.       Tap on the menu button on the left and hit the upload button which is next to “My Channel” in the drop-down list.

3.       Select the target video from Camera Roll and fill in the specific video information.

4.       Tap on “Upload” on the right to start the video uploading.


Bottom Line

That’s all about what to do when you can't upload video to YouTube from iPhone. Try the solutions mentioned above in terms of your own needs

To transfer your iPhone videos to PC for further edit, remember to free download the most user-friendly iPhone transfer software.

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