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Home > Tips > [2019 Updated] YouTube Video Downloader for Windows 7/8/10

[2019 Updated] YouTube Video Downloader for Windows 7/8/10

There are many online video downloader pages and programs available. Check this article, and figure out 2019 best YouTube video downloader for Windows 7/8/10.

Updated Feb 20,2019 | by Niko

Since there are many online video downloader pages and programs available, it’s easy for you to get one to download videos from YouTube and other video sites. What’s difficult is choosing a reliable video downloader that will perfectly meet all your needs. Based on this, we picked out some popular video downloaders from hundreds of options, and you simply select the right one. Let’s see YouTube Video Downloader for Windows 7/8/10 in 2019.

IOTransfer YouTube Video Downloader for Windows

Although IOTransfer is known for iOS file transfer, it is actually a reliable video downloader tool that you can use it to download videos from YouTube. As the program designed for Windows (and iOS users), IOTransfer YouTube video downloader works perfectly and smoothly on Windows system, and it ensures you easy and fast downloading experience.

Once IOTransfer is properly installed on your Windows PC, you can run the program, go to VIDEO > Downloader, paste YouTube video URL into the address bar, and click “Download” button. And then leave the rest to IOTransfer YouTube video downloader.

Freemake YouTube Video Downloader

Freemake is one of the most well-known video downloader tools in the field. Yes, Freemake video downloader makes it easy to download videos to different formats. How to save YouTube videos with Freemake?

Copy the YouTube video URL, back to Freemake video downloader program and click “Paste URL” button. The video downloader will analyze the URL automatically, and then give you multiple options, including quality and action (only download, original audio or to other video formats). When you confirmed the settings, it’ll download videos to your Windows PC. Freemake video downloader works on Microsoft Windows OS: 10, 8, 7 & Vista.


However, we also find some drawbacks when using Freemake YouTube video downloader.

·         promote its Premium Pack or other products in the center section of the program’s interface, while put the useful features like “Paste URL” button and program setting options in the inconspicuous places.


·         limit the download speed for free users

·         no matter you download the video or close the program, it will pop-up a banner that promotes the Premium Pack


If you don’t mind these, sure Freemake is a great YouTube video downloader for Windows that you can use.

4K Video Downloader for Windows PC

4K Video Downloader is another YouTube video downloader that is widely used by Windows users. Compared to many other video downloaders, 4K YouTube video downloader comes with clean interface and smooth video download process.

To download YouTube videos with 4K video downloader, just copy the video URL and click “Paste Link” button. Once the link is parsed completely, it will be downloaded to your computer directly.

As 4K YouTube video downloader users, you’d better keep these in mind:

·         4K YouTube video downloader limits some great features, which are only available to its Pro users

·         free users will see advertisements sometimes when using the tool


Which YouTube Video Downloader is Better?

All 3 YouTube video downloader programs are reliable enough to use, but which one is better? Surely, we suggest you to go with IOTransfer. Why IOTransfer YouTube video downloader is highly recommended?

Because it provides all the features you need as a video downloader: fast speed, original quality and etc. Even better, IOTransfer Online video downloader page is available and 100% FREE to use. Compared to other YouTube video downloader for Windows PC only, IOTransfer allows you to download videos to your iPhone/iPad/iPod directly.

More importantly, IOTransfer offers you more than just a video downloader. It works as video converter, phone cleaner and more.

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