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What's the Best Wireless iPhone Transfer App

There are numbers of third-party iPhone transfer apps to transfer photos & videos over Wi-Fi to PC , or from PC to iPhone, no cables required in the market. In this article, we choose the top 5 wireless iPhone transfer apps for you.

Updated Aug 10,2018 | by Cody

If you want to transfer some data from iPhone to PC, iPhone needs to come with a cable that can connect your phone to your PC and then finish the transfer task. For now, you don’t even have to use the cable to complete connection or transfer if you try below wireless iPhone transfer apps. Wi-Fi file transfer is the best way known to transfer large or multiple types file because it transfers file so fast and saves a lot of time.

So what is the best free app for wireless transferring music/videos/contacts/other files from iPhone to computer? Don’t worry, in this article, I find and choose some Wireless iPhone Transfer apps for you and they all offer wireless transfer iPhone data features that iTunes doesn’t.

Check the table below to know the size, score, and more information about the 5 Wi-Fi File Transfer apps.


1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a powerful app for all platform that supports sharing all type of files include photos, videos, files, anywhere anytime over Wi-Fi connection. It is the great friendly tool for framing your memories in any storage of PC, iPhone or iPad or in the web.


1.     Access from any device including iOS devices and Android device.

2.     No more attaching provides a link for larger files.

3.  Transfer all files over Wi-Fi connection between all PC, Tablets, iDevice, and Android device.

4.  2GB free online storage on sign up.


Easy and user-friendly UI.

Visit and check your important files anywhere anytime you want.

Mass storage and larger files can be shared over Wi-Fi connection.


A good internet connection condition required.

Only 2GRB free online storage for one account.

2. Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App is one of the most popular and used Wi-Fi file transfer app. It can share videos and pictures with fast speed over Wi-Fi connection.


Share the videos or photo contents among PC and device.

Fully support transferring from iOS device to Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

Back up all of your important videos and photos contents.

Good value.

Affordable pricing.

Simple moving HD videos to iDevice. 


Photo and video transferring can be possible in all directions (Devices to PC, devices to the device) over Wi-Fi connection.

Uploading and sharing are easier for not iOS devices from iOS devices.

Also provides Bluetooth photo file transferring facility. 


Video transferring over Wi-Fi only, no Bluetooth.

Network connection needs to be strong, and it will cost you a little more.

3. IOTransfer AirTrans

IOTransfer AirTrans enables users to wireless transfer, manage and delete photos, music, videos, contacts, ebooks and podcasts over Wi-Fi. You need to install IOTransfer first and then install AirTrans app on your iPhone to complete the connection. Users can back up iOS data to the computer, and copy files from local directories to Apple gadgets to completely handle their iPhone and iPad.



Wireless transfer iOS data between PC and iDevice.

It is compatible with almost all iPads, iPhones and iPods.

You can transfer photos, videos, docs, memos, voice recordings, files and even music from your devices to your PC or vice versa.

The delightfully simple User Interface makes the app extremely friendly and easy to operate. The one-click transfer options will be a boon.

It allows you to transfer data in bulk that can save a lot of your time.

With this app, you can take backups of the data in your iPads, iPhones, and iPods.


Lighting fast speed.

Variety of search options.


Quick Sync.

Clean iOS junk file.

Wireless transfer file between PC and iDevice.


Need to install IOTransfer on PC first.

Pay for Pro version.

4.Wireless Transfer App

Wireless Transfer App also can transfer videos and image files over Wi-Fi connection and it is also very easy-to-use with a user-friendly UI. Your photos/videos/other files from iPhone /iPad/iPod Touch can be transferred to your PC without any USB cable to the greater distance.


Freely transfer videos and photos without size or amount limitation.

Easy-moving of photos/videos to device.

Password protection, one-time pay for this app.
Fully support saving your RAW photo formats


Easy-to-use UI interface and very user compatible interface design.

Support to not iOS devices and pay once for both platforms.

Photos and videos can be transferred easily.


Bluetooth connection is not available.

Need to pay.

5.Feem WiFi File Transfer

Feem WiFi File Transfer can offer you local file transfer and wireless chat without an internet or USB cable connection.


No need for USB or Bluetooth.

Simply share media/photos contents and documents to your nearby devices over Wi-Fi.

Transfer files to Android, Windows, Mac or Linux.

Texts/chat is available.


No need internet connection.

Free Wi-Fi file transfer to large ranges of OS.

Very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface.


No USB cable or Bluetooth is supported.

So, are you ready to transfer your data from your iPhone to your PC? Check out one of these great wireless iPhone transfer app and give it a try.

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