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Home > Tips > The Most Effective Tips to Fix Weather App Not Working on iPhone

The Most Effective Tips to Fix Weather App Not Working on iPhone

What to do when the weather App only represents you with 2 dashes? This time, we’ll find some effective ways to fix the problem of the weather App not working on iPhone.

Updated Feb 13,2019 | by Micky

Many iPhone users respond after updating iOS, the weather App doesn’t work properly anymore. There should have been information about temperature and weather details in the widget. However, only 2 dashes are represented with no more details.

In this guide, I will give several practical tips to fix the problem of weather App not working on iPhone.


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Method 1 Check Cellular Data Settings on iPhone

You can set Weather App to use cellular data or WLAN or both on iPhone. But if you only allow it to use WLAN when you’re on cellular data, the weather information won’t be shown on the display.

To set the cellular data and WLAN properly, go to Settings > Cellular. Select Weather App and make sure the option WLAN & Cellular Data is ticked off.

Method 2 Reinstall Weather App

If you find the problem iPhone weather App not working, there might be some software glitch inside the App itself. Usually, delete and reinstall it can solve the problem perfectly.

1.       On the home screen, long press on Weather App until the icon begin to vibrate.

2.       Tap on “x” on the upper left of the icon to delete it.

3.       Go to App store, download and install the App again.


Method 3 Turn off and Turn on Location Services again

I found this method in a forum of Apple. Some people claimed that after they contacted Apple, they were suggested to turn off Location Services, reboot the device, and then, turn Location Services back on, and lastly, go straight to Weather App to allow it to refresh.

Method 4 Enable Background App Refresh

In order to make Weather App work in the right way, its information needs to be kept up to date. So, it’s necessary to enable background App refresh on your device.

1.       Head for Settings.

2.       Tap on General.

3.       Tap on Background App refresh and toggle the option on.

Method 5 Reset Location and Privacy

If either location or privacy is not set correctly, then, the weather widget may not work properly.

1.       Go to Settings and move to General.

2.       Tap on Reset.

3.       Tap on Reset Location & Privacy.

4.       Confirm it.

Method 6 Reset All Settings on iPhone

Resetting all settings can probably solve many software glitches including weather widget not working on iPhone. However, you should also remember that settings like WiFi password will be also wiped.

Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Input the passcode and confirm your action to proceed.

Bottom Line

That’s all what you should do when you meet the problem of Weather App not working on iPhone. If none of them work, maybe, you’re facing a hardware issue. In this case, you need to go to the local Apple store for help.

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