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Home > Tips > Ways to Fix Common iMessage Problems

Ways to Fix Common iMessage Problems

Some iPhone users reported that iMessage not working properly. Here are ways to fix common iMessage prolems if you are facing annoying iMessage problems.

Updated Jun 16,2016 | by Shannon

iMessage is the renown messaging platform for Apple devices. However, you can run into technical issues while using iMessage. This problem can be either software related or due to some glitches at the Apple’s back-end server. If you are having difficulty with iMessage on your iPad, Mac or iPhone, there are a number of different workarounds you can try to fix it. Here are some quick ways to fix the common iMessage problems.

Check for iOS update

Go to settings, then General and then click Software Update to see if there is any iOS update for your device. Apple regularly pushes out updates to tackle all the problems with iMessage.

Ways to fix the connectivity issues

A very common iMessage problem is that messages may not efficiently send or get received, even after having a good service. Firstly, you must check Apple’s system status site to check that iMessage is working well. If iMessage isn’t down, then the problem is from your side.

If you ever come across a message that you are trying to send, but it just won’t send even after having an appropriate data signal or Wi-Fi, it can be a connectivity issue. To fix this, try to turn your Wi-Fi and LTE off and then turning it back on again. You can also try to restart your iPhone to fix this problem. It will work most of the times but if the problem remains, you must try some other ways.

Turn your iMessage off and then turn it on again. Go to the Settings, click on Messages and toggle iMassege off and back on.

Go to Settings, then click on Messages and turn on Send an SMS. This method will send a message as a ordinary message if iMessage is not working well.

You can also try to reset your network settings by going into Setting, then in General and click Reset, and then choose Reset Network Settings. This method will clear all of the network settings and you will have to enter Wi-Fi password again to fix the problem.

Ways to fix syncing issues

A major distinctive feature of iMessage is its synchronization over Apple devices. When you send a message through your phone, it will also be t6here on your Mac or iPad. Yet if your iMessage is not present on all the devices then this is an issue of synchronization of messages. It can be caused because of not having a proper iMessage setup on one of the devices. Setting up iMessage on iPad or iPhone is quite different from Mac, so you have to select accurate accounts for iMessage.

You can also fix this issue by disabling iMessage on all devices and then enabling them again. Go to settings, choose Messages, turn iMessage off and then turn it on again. This method will sync all the devices and you will receive iMessages on all of your devices.

Ways to fix iMessage issues when switching to Android

When switching an iPhone to Android, your phone number is still registered with iMessage. So any people who uses iPhone sends a message to you will receive a "Delivered" message.  But actually you will not get the text message as your phone number is not properly transferred over to your android phone.

This a big problem for many users. And Apple hasn't provided a solid fix yet. However, the company has launched a tool "Deregister iMessage"that allows you to deregister your phone number with iMessage. By doing this, you will be able to use it again on Windows phone, Android or other devices.

The web tool has two ways to deregister with iMessage. One method is to temporarily transfer your SIM card to your old phone and turn off iMessage. Yet, if you don’t have your old phone, the tool allows you to enter your phone number to register with your new device.

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