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Home > Tips > An Effective Video Converter for Quicktime to Convert MP4 to MOV

An Effective Video Converter for Quicktime to Convert MP4 to MOV

You are going to learn how to use the most convenient video converter for Quicktime to convert videos in any formats to MOV.

Updated Jul 03,2018 | by Micky

Question: Why Quicktime won’t open an MP4 video from iMovie?

Quicktime, release in 1991 by Apple, is an extensible multimedia framework specializing in handling different video formats, pictures, sound, panoramic images, and interactivity. Moreover, it’s also a powerful media player like WMP and VLC to play video and audio files in different formats.

However, we hear complaints from a large number of users that they fail in playing MP4 on Quicktime and aren’t able to figure out any clues. Why does this glitch occur and can Quicktime play MP4?

The answer is yes in most cases. However, MP4 is a container which means the video in MP4 can be encoded with different codecs including H264, MPEG4, and XviD while only certain types of codecs are supported by Quicktime. So, MP4 videos may sometimes not be able to play due to codec error. To solve this problem in the best way, we strongly suggest trying some third-party video converter for Quicktime to convert MP4 to MOV that’s compatible best.


Convert MP4 to MOV with the Best Video Converter for Quicktime

As what we mentioned above, in order to play MP4 videos on Quicktime, we’d better convert them to MOV for a better compatibility. If you are seeking around trying to find a simple, ad-free, and efficient tool to get it done, you might as well consider IOTranser, an iPhone manager which just had its latest upgrading to the brand new feature – video converter. More than 30 video/audio formats from the commonest MP4, MOV, AVI MKV, to the ones like AC3, MKA, and HEVC are supported in the conversion.

Hint: Videos can be directly transferred to your iOS devices right after conversion.

Can Quicktime play AVI and MP4? Free download the most practical video conversion program to change them into Quicktime compatible format – MOV.

Convert Quicktime Videos to MP4 within 3 Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer, go to “VIDEOS” at the top, and then click on “Converter” in the list on the left.


Step 2

Click on “+Add Files” and select the MP4 video that can’t be opened by Quicktime. In the dropdown list of “Output Format”, choose MOV. Then, don’t forget to preset an output folder in “Convert Location”.


Step 3

If you have already connected your iOS devices to PC, tick off “Automatically transfer the converted video into your iOS devices” or else just click on the blue button “Convert Now”. In a very short while, you will find the converted video in the folder you previously set.


Convert Videos to MOV with An Online Converter for Quicktime

If you don’t want to bother to download any third-party software, then, the online video download/conversion service - ClipConverter should fit the bill.

There are the steps below to follow:

1.       Go to ClipConverter.

2.       Click on “Upload and Convert File”.


3.       Click on “Select Files” and upload the video to convert.


4.       At the header, change “Convert mp4 to mp4” into “Convert mp4 to mov”.

5.       Click on the red button - “Start Conversion” and the process bar of the download will be displayed.


It can take quite a long time before the conversion gets accomplished and the bug of endless uploading still exists. More terribly, pop-up ads promoted by ClipConverter keep coming out every time you start your computer and you have to shut them down one by one.

Can Quicktime play MP4? I believe you have got the best answer now. Convert your MP4 or AVI videos to Quicktime supported MOV with the video converter for Quicktime for a better compatibility!

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