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Home > Tips > [2019 Tip] Use Siri Shortcuts to Download YouTube to iPhone Directly

[2019 Tip] Use Siri Shortcuts to Download YouTube to iPhone Directly

If you've ever wanted to use Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone directly and enjoy them everywhere, just update your device to iOS 12 and follow the guide on how to use Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone or iPad directly.

Updated Nov 08,2018 | by Joy

If you've updated to iOS 12, using Apple's new Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube videos to iPhone directly can be an amazing experience for you. Sounds wonderful, right? Today, we'll show you how to use Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone directly so that you can enjoy them on your commute without using Cellular Data.


If you don't know how to use Shortcuts before downloading YouTube videos, check this guide: how to use Siri Shortcuts in iOS 12.

The Preparations for Using Siri Shortcuts to Download YouTube to iPhone  

Before using Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone, you must ensure that you've downloaed Shortcuts app on iOS 12 and get the right link of "Download YouTube" shortcut. Now follow the two parts below.

Part 1. Install Shortcuts App on iPhone

Simply search for “Shortcuts” in App Store and click "Get" to install it to your iPhone or iPad.

Part 2. Get "Download YouTube" Shortcut

Use your iPhone or iPad to directly tap the link and get the “Download YouTube” shortcut. Or just copy the following URL to your Safari and click “Open” icon. Then it will be displayed in the Shortcuts “Library”.



Note that you can’t directly find “Download YouTube” in the Shortcuts “Gallery” tab. Therefore, if you don’t create it by yourself, you need to download it from someone who has already created one. This shortcut can be triggered in Safari, and will save the downloaded YouTube video into your Photos app on iPhone.

shortcuts download youtube

Start Using Siri Shortcuts to Download YouTube to iPhone Directly

Now let’s start using Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone. It works when you’re viewing a YouTube video in Safari, Google Chrome, etc. or in the YouTube app on your iPhone. Follow the detailed guide to start downloading and then watch YouTube videos offline.

Step 1. Find the "Share" button 

You need to access the "Share" button before downloading. If you can’t find the "Share" icon in Safari, YouTube app, or any other common apps, just simply check the list below.

  • Safari: Share icon is in the bottom center of the screen.

  • YouTube app (when browsing): Vertical ellipsis next to the video > Share.

  • YouTube app (when on video): Share icon is under the video. 

  • Google Chrome: Share button is next to the URL bar.

  • Firefox / Firefox Focus: Ellipsis in the URL bar > Share Page With.

  • DuckDuckGo: Hamburger icon next to the URL bar > Share.

shortcuts download youtube

Step 2. Enable the "Shortcuts" icon

After clicking the Share button, tap on “Shortcuts”. If you don’t see this option, tap on “More” and then switch on “Shortcuts” from the list. Then click “Done” next to the “Activities”.

shortcuts download youtube

Step 3. Start downloading

After enabling “Shortcut”, tap on it. Click “Download YouTube” in the popup page and then it will begin the download process which is called “Get Contents of URL”. Once this action finished, you can choose “Share” or “Save to photo album”. Here I save it to my photo album and I can find it in Photos app > "Albums" > "Videos".

Step 4. Create a New "YouTube" Album to Save the Downloaded Video (Optional)

As you see, the downloaded YouTube video will be saved in “Videos” in Photos app. Here you are able to create a new “YouTube” album in your Photos to save them. Go to Photos app > Albums  > click the “+” (plus) icon on the top left corner > “New Album”.

Then open Shortcuts app and click the ellipsis in the top right corner of “Download YouTube” shortcut. Scroll down to the bottom and click “All Photo” in the “Save to photo album”. Then choose the new added album like “YouTube” album to save the videos.

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shortcuts download youtube

Bonus Tip: How to Download YouTube to iPhone Directly with Video Downloader

In fact, there are some third-party tools that can also enable you to save YouTube videos to iPhone directly. Here we introduce a reliable and easy video downloader - IOTransfer to download your favorite videos from YouTube. Follow the steps now.

Step 1. Free download IOTransfer to PC

Download IOTransfer here and install it to your Windows 7/8/8.1/10. Then connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable so that IOTransfer can automatically transfer the downloaded videos to iPhone


If you don’t have an available USB cable, you can also wirelessly transfer video to iPhone after downloading.

Step 2. Start downloading YouTube video to iPhone

Launch IOTransfer and click “VIDEOS” at the top menu. Tap on “Downloader” in the left and then copy the URL of YouTube video into the blank bar. If you connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable, remember to tick off the check box before "Automatically transfer converted videos to your iOS devices." After that, tap on “Download” to start downloading.


Bottom Line:

Using Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube to iPhone directly is an interesting experience for many users who love viewing YouTube videos offline on their devices. You can share the guide with your friends and families. 

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