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Home > Tips > 3 Simple Methods to Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

3 Simple Methods to Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

Want to know how to trim YouTube video on iPhone? Or if you’ve recorded many videos, how to trim them before uploading to YouTube? The article shows three methods to make it.

Updated Nov 09,2018 | by Joy

After using Siri Shortcuts to download YouTube videos on iPhone, do you want to get rid of any unwanted portions of the videos? Or if you record many interesting videos by using Camera app, you might want to trim them and upload them to YouTube. But, how to trim YouTube video on iPhone? No worry. In this tutorial, you will learn three simple methods to make it. 

Method 1. Trim YouTube Video on iPhone in Photos App

Thanks to the features built into Photos app that comes with the iOS, you can directly trim your downloaded YouTube videos or recorded videos without installing any third-party tool. Before the guide, ensure that you’ve successfully downloaded YouTube videos by Shortcuts or recorded your own videos by using Camera app. All these videos will be saved into Photos app. Now let’s see how to trim YouTube video in Photos app.

Step 1. Open Photos app on your iPhone. If you’ve updated to iOS 12, click “Albums” at the bottom. Then scroll down to tap on “Videos” and choose one video you want to trim.

Tip: In earlier iOS versions, simply tap on “Albums” in the lower right corner and click “Videos” album.

Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

Step 2. Tap on “Edit” in the top right corner. Then you will see a timeline bar at the bottom of the screen. Choose the white bars at each end of the bar, then tap, hold and drag either end of the timeline bar to start the trim.

Trim YouTube Video on iPhoneimage.png

Step 3. Click the play icon to preview the video, if you’re satisfied with the trim, tap on “Done” and click “Save as New Clip” on iOS 12. Then it will save the trimmed videos as a new file on iPhone and leave the original untouched. In earlier versions of iOS, you can click “Trim Original”.

Tip: If you trim the recorded video, you can upload it to YouTube and share with users.

Note: With Photos app, you can't cut out a middle section and stitch together two separate parts of the video. You can only save the continuous segments of your video.

Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

Method 2. Trim YouTube Video on iPhone via Third-Party App

There are various apps allowing you to trim YouTube video on iPhone. Here I take Video Cut app as an example. 

Before starting the trim, search for “Video Cut” in App Store and install it to your iPhone. Then open it on iPhone and follow the steps.

Get more paid apps for free: 2 Ways to Download Paid Apps for Free on iOS 12 without Jailbreak

Step 1. Click the scissors icon and choose one recorded video or downloaded YouTube video.

Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

Step 2. Drag the slide bar to choose the start and end points. Then click the play icon to preview the clip. If it’s OK, click the save icon in the top right corner to save it in Photos app.

Method 3. Trim the Recorded Video on iPhone in YouTube App before Uploading

Google has added in-app editing tools to its YouTube app that let you trim the recorded video on iPhone before uploading to YouTube. In this way, you can trim a video’s start and end points like Photos app do. Also, you can add filter, add music to the background, etc. Now follow the steps to trim YouTube video on iPhone.

Step 1. Open YouTube app on your iPhone. Before uploading videos, you are allowed to trim its length or add music and filter. However, if the video has been already uploaded to YouTube, you can only edit the title, description, tags and privacy settings.

Step 2. Tap the video camera icon at the top of the screen and choose one video you want to trim from the recorded videos. Or you can click “ RECORD” to create one.

Trim YouTube Video on iPhone

Step 3. After selecting a video, you will see three editing tools at the bottom. Tap the scissors icon. Then drag the left slider to the desired start position and drag the right slider to the end position. Tap the video to preview it. If you’re happy with it, click “NEXT” in the top right corner to save and upload the clip.

Note: You can’t edit out a part in the middle of the video and splice together two separate clips. If you want to add filters or music, tap the magic wand icon and music icon at the bottom.

With the above three methods, you can successfully trim YouTube video on iPhone. Here, you must want to download more YouTube videos to iPhone, right? Try IOTransfer to complete the downloading. 

Bonus Tip: How to Download YouTube Video to iPhone

IOTransfer is an easy iPhone manager enabling you to transfer videos, photos, contacts, and other data between iOS devices and PC. It can allow you to download interesting videos from various popular sites and convert them to the compatible formats. It’s worth a try. 

Now free download it here and install it to your Windows 7/8/8.1/10. It supports iOS 8 or later (including iOS 12). 

Step 1.Open IOTransfer and connect your iPhone to computer with a USB.

Step 2. Go to “VIDEOS” > “Downloader” > paste the YouTube video URL > check “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS device” > “Donwload”.

download YouTube to iPhone

Bottom Line:

When you download YouTube video to Photos app or record videos from Camera app, you can use the above three methods to trim YouTube video on iPhone. Choose one you like best and share it with your friends. 

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