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Home > Tips > How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android – The Quickest Ways Available

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android – The Quickest Ways Available

If you’re still wondering how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, then, don’t worry. In the following tutorial, some basic and practical methods will be provided.

Updated Oct 12,2018 | by Micky

As we all know, it’s super easy to transfer photos and pictures from iPhone to iPhone via Apple’s official tool – iCloud and iTunes. But what if you switched from an old iPhone to a new Android phone? Then, what should you do with those memorable photos you took before? This time, I will introduce how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android with some most convenient methods that you don’t want to miss. Read on to find the answers!


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Method 1 Use Google Photos for iPhone to Android Photo Transfer

Google Photos is a professional photo sharing and storage service. It can not only enable you to transfer photos across devices on different OS but also allows you to back them up in case of loss.

Next, you will see how to transfer photos from iPhone to Android with this easy-to-use application.

1.       Download and install Google Photos from App Store.

2.       Launch the application on the screen.

3.       At the bottom of the main interface, tap on “Get Started”

4.       Tap on “Okay” to authorize the App to access your device.

5.       Tap on “Continue”.

6.       After select the quality of the photos to transfer, tap on “Continue”.

7.       Decide whether you want to receive a notification when someone else shares photos.

Now, you can visit all the photos on your Android phone if you also download Google Photos on it.

Method 2 Transfer Photos from iOS to Android via the Best Third-party Software

In Method 1, I introduced Google Photos. It’s a good App for both iPhone and Android. However, the photo transfer process largely relies on the network condition. If your Wi-Fi sucks, it can take quite a lot of time to complete it. Then, some users don’t want to stream their photos via online services in the sense of privacy protection. So, Google Photos doesn’t always seem to be the best choice.

As a better alternative, IOTransfer – the most versatile iPhone transfer software – helps to transfer all your iPhone photos to PC within clicks and then, you can just copy and paste them onto your Android device once for all.

IOTransfer is always seeking to provide its users with a convenient iPhone management service. More than photo transfer, with it, you can also back up your iOS contents like contacts, Apps, and iBooks. Video download and iPhone cleaning are supported as well.

How to transfer photos from iOS to Android? Free download the most convenient iPhone manager to get it done with much ease!

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Android within 3 Steps

Step 1

Connect both the iPhone and the Android phone to your computer via USB cables. Then, install and launch IOTransfer. Wait until the iPhone gets detected. When the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, tap on “Trust” on the iPhone’s screen.


Step 2

If you want to transfer all the photos from iPhone to PC, tick off “Photos” on the main interface, preset a transfer location and click on “Transfer to PC”. Otherwise, you can go to “MANAGE” > “Photos” and select the ones you need, preset an output path and click on “Export” to move them to PC.


Step 3

Go to “My Computer” and enter your Android device. Open the folder named “Pictures” and paste the photos from the folder you previously set on your PC.

Now, all the iPhone photos have been transferred to your Android phone.

Bottom Line

To transfer photos from iPhone to Android doesn’t seem to be so difficult right? Hopefully, the 2 ways mentioned in the article can help you out when encountering such an issue.

Choose the one you prefer and have a try.

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