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Home > Tips > 2 Ways to Transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC for Backup

2 Ways to Transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC for Backup

Learn the 2 ways to transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC for backup, so you can quickly get your music and podcasts back after you upgrade to a new iPhone or reset your iPhone.

Updated Apr 08,2018 | by Cody

iPhone is a very good device to listen and download music and podcasts. If you have saved a lot of favorite songs and podcasts, you may want to transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC for backup or other purposes.

After you purchased and downloaded many songs on your iPhone, you probably cannot rely on iCloud to backup all the songs. If you do not have a very fast network connection, iCloud may take forever to sync your music, not to mention not enough free storage on iCloud for this.

Therefore, you can backup your iPhone music to your PC. After transferring music and podcasts from iPhone to computer, you can import them to your iPod shuffle or other devices. If you switch to a new iPhone, you can quickly get those MP3 files to your new device without downloading.

Transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC with iPhone Manager

If you find it complicated to transfer songs from iOS devices to your PC, then you can use an iPhone data transfer software, IOTrasnfer, which has made the file transferring between iPhone and PC very clear and easy.

Transfer all music from iPhone to PC

Step 1. Download IOTransfer, install on Windows 10/8/7 computer and open it. After that, connect your iPhone to this PC via lighting cable.

Step 2. Allow connection to this PC on your iPhone and wait for the program to scan all music and other data on your iPhone. When finished, uncheck Photos, Videos and contacts, leaving only music.

Transfer MP3 to PC

Step 3. Click Set transfer path to change the default location to your preferred one if needed. Then click the button Transfer to PC to start exporting music to your PC.

Transfer your preferred MP3 from iPhone to PC

If you only need to transfer some of the music and podcasts to your computer, IOTransfer can also help you achieve that easily.

Step 1. Within IOTransfer, click on the MANAGE tab and select Music from the left side menu.

Select Songs

Step 2. Select the songs that you want to transfer by tapping on the corresponding checkbox.

Transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC

Step 3. Click on Export and select a location to save those MP3 files on your computer.


You can refer to these steps to transfer podcasts from your iPhone to PC. Besides exporting, you can also use IOTransfer to import music from PC to iPhone, download videos to iPhone or clean your iPhone.

Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer with iTunes

Another way to transfer MP3 to PC is using iTunes. iTunes only allows you to transfer songs purchased from iTunes Store to your PC. If you have many songs that were downloaded from other music online store or other sources, then iTunes is not a good choice.

Step 1. Download iTunes and install in on your computer if you haven’t.

Step 2. Within iTunes, click on the Store tab, and select the Authorize This Computer option from a drop-down menu.

Step 3. Sign in with your Apple ID and password to complete the authorization process.

Step 4.Now Connect your iPhone to this PC via a lighting cable.

Transfer Music iTunes

Step 5. Click “Sync”. Then iTunes will start to export purchased songs from iPhone to this PC.

Both tools can help you transfer MP3 from iPhone to PC for backup with different steps. If you have not decided, then IOTransfer is recommended because it is easier to use and has more features that can help you better manage your iPhone.

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