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Home > Tips > Touch ID Not Working on iPhone in iOS 11/12, How to Fix It

Touch ID Not Working on iPhone in iOS 11/12, How to Fix It

Some iPhone users have been reporting issues with Touch ID not working after updating to iOS 12. How are the solutions of how to fix Touch ID not working on iPhone 8/8 Plus or earlier devices in iOS 11/12.

Updated Jun 23,2016 | by Niko


Although this year’s three new iPhone models (iPhone XR, iPhone XS & iPhone XS Max) all come with all-screen design, majority of people prefer and are still using iPhone with the Home Button.  However, some users complain that their Touch ID is not working on iPhone after iOS 12 update.

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Why iPhone Touch ID Not Working

There are some factors that will potentially cause Touch ID not working issue.

·         iOS update.

For example, touch ID may not work properly after you update your iPhone to iOS 12.

·         Register finger or calibrate fingerprint incorrectly.  

If your finger registration or fingerprint calibration is not done properly in the beginning, you’ll encounter touch ID not working issue.

·         Sweat, dry finger skin or damp screen.

In some cases, touch ID accuracy will be affected more or less by sweat, oily, injured, dry, damp finger or even cold weather, or you use touch ID while cooking, exercising or engaging in other similar activities.

·         Dirty or the covered Home Button.

Touch ID is not working properly if the Home button is dirty or it is covered up by your iPhone case or screen protector.

·         Use Touch ID with force.

If you apply much force on the Home button when using Touch ID, it won’t work.

How to Fix Touch ID Not Working Issue on iPhone

If you can’t unlock your iPhone, make the purchase in the App Store, iTunes Store or Apple Books using Touch ID, we suggest you to try the following possible solutions to fix Touch ID not working issue before contacting Apple Support or taking some other drastic measures.

Method 1. Update iPhone to the latest iOS 12

For any user who encounters Touch ID not working issue in iOS 11 or earlier, simply try to update iPhone to the latest iOS 12 to fix this problem. See How to update to iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad.


If your Touch ID is just not working properly after updating to iOS 12, you can re-install the iOS 12 update.

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Method 2. Check Touch ID, and make sure

·         your fingers and the Home button are dry and clean (wipe off debris or dirt on the Home button if necessary)

·         The Home button or the surrounding ring isn't covered by a case or screen protector

·         your fingers should cover the Home button completely BUT lightly, and apply less force on it

Method 3. Re-enroll Touch ID fingerprint

Following these steps to re-add Touch ID fingerprint on iPhone in iOS 11 or iOS 12:

1.       Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode (and enter your passcode)

touch id setting 1

2.       Delete the fingerprint

touch id setting 2

3.       Force restart your iPhone or iPad by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons for at least ten seconds, until you see the Apple logo

4.       After you restart your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Add a Fingerprint. Do not forget to turn on iPhone Unlock, Apple Pay and iTunes & App Store

touch id setting 3

Method 4: Contact the Apple Store for assistance 

If you tried all above methods and Touch ID is still not working, then it might be the hardware problem. You’d better head to the Apple Store for support. Before that, we strongly recommend you to backup your iPhone content.

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