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Home > Tips > Awesome iOS Jailbreak Hacks

Awesome iOS Jailbreak Hacks

Jailbraking technique lets you control your device the way you want. Below are ten useful jailbreak hacks to better utilize and customize your iOS device.

Updated Oct 14,2016 | by Mike

If you are an iOS device user or want to be in future, you must bear in mind the restrictions that comes along with it. Jailbraking technique lets you control your device the way you want. Below are ten useful jailbreak hacks to better utilize and customize your iOS device.

Although there are host of apps available on iTunes app store but if you want to enhance your device functionality and ability to customize it in your way, jailbreaking is the way forward. You can check our up-to-date guide to jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you have done it, let’s try the following great hacks:

Customize the User Interface

One good reason for iOS popularity is its user interface. However one may still want to change it in order to make it more customizable. WinterBoard is an app that can help you do it. After you jailbreak, you can download it from Cydia (A jailbreak package manager for iOS, jailbreak version of the App Store). Using WinterBoard you can apply great new themes and modifications to the user interface. WinterBoard provides you great control over the iOS interface as compared to the built in customization in iOS 4 and up without jailbreaking.

Play Classic Video Games

After you jailbreak your iOS device there are a host of emulation options available including all  the cartridge-based Nintendo systems  from NES to N64, and many  of which let  you  play with a Bluetooth Wiimote as a controller. You can download these emulators from Cydia available for MAME, Sega Genesis, and even the original Playstation.  You just have to simply search for iOS-friendly game emulators on Cydia. There are free as well as fairly pricey emulators available, so you can search and select the one that matches your need.

Set Up a VNC Server

iTunes App Store provides many apps that let  you connect to VNC servers on your computers so that you can  control your computer from your iOS device, but what  if you want to  control your device from your computer? Yes, you can do it after you jailbreak your device. You can install a VNC server on your device that allows you to remotely control your iOS device with the mouse and keyboard on your computer.

Add Support for More Bluetooth Devices

Although Apple supports many Bluetooth devices, like keyboards and headsets, but it does not provide full Bluetooth support. So if you need full Bluetooth support you certainly need to jailbreak. You can download several BTStack packages available in Cydia to enhance the functionality. For instance, it will allow you to pair a mouse with your iOS device, transfer files over Bluetooth, and even add a third-party GPS device.

Access the File system

Thanks to SSH, you can access your iOS device file system after it is jailbroken. SSH is already installed and enabled, with 'alpine' as your default password with some jailbreaking solutions. Otherwise, you can get the instructions to install and enable it from Cydia front page. After SSH installed, you have two options to navigate through your file system either through your favorite GUI (if you have a favorite FTP client that supports SFTP, that'll work) or command line software as you like.

Change Settings Faster

Tired of switching to the Settings app and digging through the menu? SBSettings is the solution. It adds a small dropdown panel you can bring up at any time by swiping the top of your screen so that you can quickly edit iOS Settings. The good thing is that it is extensible, you can enhance is functionality by adding more options to make it more versatile and customizable. You can install it from Cydia alongwith other plug-ins.

Get a Better Lock Screen

Unfortunately, iOS default lock screen has limited functionality for displaying only time and picture. Having your device jailbroken, also gives you a variety of lock screen options. You can add different enhancements to access information quickly without unlocking your device.

BiteSMS is a useful jailbreak app that replaces the default Messages app on the iPhone. It'll display multiple unread text messages on your lock screen as well as a status bar icon indicating the number of unread messages.

Another app is Element, a great and beautiful app that replaces lock screen and home screen. It'll give you updates on different types of incoming data, including weather, missed calls, calendar items, mail, and more. It provides this functionality while still accommodating the dock. Note: Element requires Cydget which is not yet compatible with iOS 4.

Tether for Free

For users having an iPhone or 3G-enabled iPad, you can share your data connection with other devices without any additional cost. In Cydia, you can get an app MyWi that can bypass the AT&T restrictions and allows you to create a WiFi hotspot from your 3G connection to share it with your friends. The process of setting it up is little complicated but it is way better than paying extra money per month to AT&T just for providing this extra functionality.

Use Your 3G/4G Connection However You Want

Do you think Tethering is the only way to free your data connection from the bonds of AT&T's restrictions?  There's something in iOS that's only designed to work with Wi-Fi. Thanks to the jailbreak community there is a fix for it. My3G is an app that bypasses these restrictions, allowing you, for instance, make FaceTime calls with whatever connection you've got, or download larger files if you want. It seems senseless for AT&T to impose usage restrictions on users with capped connections, but in reality is that they do so. My3g can give you the freedom to use the connection you pay for in whatever way you like.

Sync Your Device Over Wi-Fi

Why you have to use a sync cable to sync your iOS device when it can be done effortlessly using WiFi? For jailbroken devices you need not do so. In Cydia there is a great app called Wi-Fi Sync that virtually makes your cable unnecessary for anything other than charging. Only thing you have to do is to install a companion app on your computer and then pair your device. After that just launching iTunes and the Wi-Fi Sync app on your iOS device will begin the syncing process—without any cable.

Have we missed a few favorite iOS jailbreak hacks, or any one of the hacks you just tried and seems great? Please do share your valuable comments…

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