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Home > Tips > [2019] How to Stop iPhone from Automatically Playing Music in Car

[2019] How to Stop iPhone from Automatically Playing Music in Car

How to stop music from automatically playing on iPhone? Some iPhone owners complain iPhone automatically plays music when connected to car. If you are facing the same problem, you will find the solution in this article.

Updated Mar 28,2017 | by Shannon

Q" How do I stop my iPhone from playing music automatically in the car?"

Most modern cars have Bluetooth system which will connect iPhone to car wirelessly. It becomes more convenient to play iPhone music through car stereos, even use iPhone voice navigation. However, some people complain that iPhone automatically plays music when connected to car. If you are facing the same problem and looking for the fix, you will learn in this article how to stop iPhone from automatically playing music in car.

iPhone auto playing music is a common problem. Unfortunately Apple didn’t provide an easy option to turn it off. Here, you can follow the method below to stop iPhone from playing music automatically.


How to Stop Music from Automatically Playing on iPhone

  • Cut off Bluetooth Connection

In order to stop iPhone from auto playing music in car, all you need to do is to disconnect Bluetooth. There are 2 ways to cut off Bluetooth connection.

    1. You can reset your car stereos to allow playing from car radios. As when you always leave your car audio system playing media via Bluetooth, it will auto play music from your iPhone when you get into your car next time.

    2. Disable Bluetooth on iPhone – It’s quite simple. You just switch off the option of Bluetooth in control center or Settings app on iPhone.

    Turn off Bluetooth in in Control Center iOS 11:

      Step 1: Swipe up from iPhone bottom screen to open Control Center

      Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth icon to turn it off

switch off bluetooth.jpg

    Turn off Bluetooth on iPhone in Settings app:

      Step 1: Launch Settings on iPhone

      Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth

      Step 3: Switch off the option

turn off bluetooth on iPhone.jpg

  • Disable music app from using Cellular data on iPhone

Aside from modifying car resource, you can turn off cellular data for certain music apps to stop iphone music autoplay in car. This method only works for third party music apps on iPhone. Here are the things you need to do.  

      Step 1: Go to Settings > Cellular

      Step 2: Scroll down to any music app

      Step 3: Only allow the app to use WLAN data.

      Step 4: Done.

stop music app from using cellular data.png

  • Tell Siri to to stop iphone from automatically playing music

Your phone will disable any sound once you tell Siri to stop. It will also switch off your music that can give you an optimal comfort and maximum convenience. If you use iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8 or iPhone X, the always-on “Hey Siri” feature will be your best assistant. 

  • Find a silent song and rename it

When it comes to Apple Music, it is commonly known that the music in the library is arranged in alphabetical order. Your iPhone has the propensity to play different songs in order. This is why you should take advantage of it to trick the Bluetooth stereos of your car. You can find a silent song and rename it so that it will be the first song in your music library. When you get into your car, you will no longer hear a blaring music. You will feel more focused and relaxed.

Bottom Line

How to stop Apple music from automatically playing. Hopefully, you've learned the right way to fix the problem given 4 practical methods.

Have any other questions about iOS? Feel free to contact us.

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