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Home > Tips > How to Speed up Your iPad - Some Basic But Practical Ways Available

How to Speed up Your iPad - Some Basic But Practical Ways Available

How to speed up your iPad? Here you will find the latest tips in 2018 to keep your iPad running in the best state all the time.

Updated Jan 22,2017 | by Mike

Speeding up iPad can extend their lives until you are able to replace them. Over time, iPhones and iPads get slowed down for different reasons, this can be very annoying, but you can speed them up. Here is how to speed up your iPad.

1. Remove Apps

This is the first thing that you should do, especially if you are starting to notice that any of your devices are slowing down. Apps can take up a lot of space, which limits the memory storage that keeps your device running.

Note that we said "remove/delete apps", not "close them". Closing apps will help in the short run, but you will still have a slowdown after all. So, delete the apps that you are not using. 

2. Restart the iPad

Once you have deleted the apps that you are not using, restart the iPad. It is important for you to do this because of the leftover code that still remains on the device. By restarting your device, you can remove the code. This is why your PC will have you restart after deleting most programs. 

3. Turn off Your App Refresh

How to speed up a slow iPad? In most cases, removing apps and code from your device will fix the problem. If you want your device to run more smoothly, you should turn off app refresh. App refresh takes up processing power that your iPad needs.

Turning off app refresh is simple, Just tap on Settings > General > Background App Refresh, and turn it off. Then restart your iPad to make sure that the new setting has taken effect. You should notice that there is an improvement in your iPad's speed. 

4. Update your iPad iOS

This can work or make the problem even worse. It really depends on your device and the amount of space you have. The extra functionality that the new iOS has will slow down older devices. However, if there is a noticeble drop in speed and nothing else works, you should upgrade the iOS. 

This can be done by tapping onSettings > General > Software Update, and you can check if there is a new iOS version. You should be careful because there is no way to return to the old iOS. This should only be done if you have a major slowdown and have tried all the tips above. 

That's all about how to speed up old iPad. But remember all the methods above is based on the fact that the device's hardware is still properly working. Sometimes, you may have to switch your iPad to a new one.


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