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Home > Tips > 3 Ways to Share Apple Music Playlist Freely

3 Ways to Share Apple Music Playlist Freely

Learn to share Apple Music playlist with your friends who also use the service and those who do not. Share Apple Music no matter what platform they use.

Updated Sep 20,2018 | by Cody

Sharing is caring. When you find or create a music playlist in Apple Music, you probably want to share it with your friends. In this article, I will show you how to share Apple Music playlist with friends whether the one has Apple Music subscription or not.

Which is to say, you can share Apple Music Playlist to Spotify, Tidal, Amazon, even to a text or spreadsheet file. You can also download music from Apple Music and share them with others. Sound cool? read on to find out.

Share Apple Music Playlist with Friends Who Subscribe to the Service

Within Apple Music, you can make any playlists whether they are in your library or not with your friends. If you find the Share Playlist option is unavailable, double check if you have enabled Airplane mode. If your internet condition is not very well, you may also find the Share Playlist option missing.

After checking your internet connection, you can follow the steps below to share Apple Music Playlist.  

Step 1. Open Apple Music on your iOS device and select a playlist that you want to share. It does not have to be added to your library. And of course, you can share playlists you created.

Step 2. Tap the three dots button.


Step 3. In the pop-out menu, select Share Playlist.

Step 4. Then you can share this playlist link via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or simply copy the link.

If you share your own playlist with friends, the friends who follow this playlist with also get the updated version as you edit it. Now Apple has released iOS 12, but there is still no collaborative playlist in Apple Music.

Share Apple Music Playlist with Spotify or Other Streaming Services

As you know there are a few more music streaming services out there besides Apple Music. Some of your friends surely don’t have Apple Music subscription. They may have Spotify, Tidal, YouTube Music, Amazon, etc.

How do you share playlist with them? There is a free online tool TunemyMusic that can help you convert playlist among many music services. Besides, you can also use it to convert Apple Music playlist to a text or spreadsheet file.

Apple Music and Spotify both are good music streaming services. Let’s see how to transfer Apple Music Playlist to Spotify.

Step 1. Go to TunemyMusic website.

Step 2. Select Apple Music as the source. You can log in to Apple Music or import iTunes playlist via XML file.


Step 3. Then you can select all your playlists saved in your library or some of them. You can also uncheck some songs from a playlist if needed.


Step 4. Select Spotify or other music services as destination. You can also select Export to file if you do not want to transfer to another music service.


Step 5. Click Start Moving My Music to share Apple Music playlist to Spotify.


Share Songs or Albums with Anyone No Matter the Platform

As you probably know that SongLink is a good way to share songs with other no matter what music services they use. Basically, SongLink allows you to share your music on every streaming platform including Apple Music with a single smart link.

You can go the SongLink site to search for a song or album and then share the song link to your friends. Since Apple released a great app Shortcuts, you can also use Shortcuts to convert any song in Apple Music to a song link that supports all the music platforms.

Step 1. Download the Shortcuts app from AppStore on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2. Get this Apple Music to Song Link Shortcuts.

Step 3. When you find an Apple Music song that you want to share, just tap the Share Song button and select Shortcuts. If Shortcuts is not enabled, you need to tap More to enable it.


Step 4. Select the Apple Music to Song Link to run this shortcut. 

If you are using iOS 12, you can also add this shortcut to Siri, so you can ask Siri to do this for you automatically.

Bonus Tip: Better Way to Manage Music on iPhone

As you using your iPhone, you probably wonder if there is a way to freely transfer any songs between your iPhone and PC without the need to sync the whole library. iPhone manager software IOTransfer can just do that. You can download it free to start managing your music.  


Within the Music section, you can easily import or export multiple songs on your iPhone. As some songs are missing tags, it can also work as a music tag editor to help you edit music ID3 tags.

5.manage music.png


It is more joyful to listen to music with others than alone, so start sharing your favorite playlists with your friends and family. As you see, there are more ways to Share Apple Music Playlist and you can easily share Playlists to ones without Apple Music subscription.

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