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Home > Tips > How to Save a Webpage as PDF in Safari on iPhone and iPad

How to Save a Webpage as PDF in Safari on iPhone and iPad

An easy way to save a webpage as PDF on your iOS devices. Let’s see how to save a webpage as PDF in Safari on iPhone or iPad. Meanwhile, you can also figure out the easiest way to manage PDFs between your iPhone and computer.

Updated Jan 08,2019 | by Niko

Yes, saving a webpage as PDF on iPhone or iPad is a much easier task than before. There is no need to use other 3rd party apps or programs, and you are able to save a webpage as PDF on your iPhone directly, by taking advantage of its built-in feature.

If you are looking for a way to convert any webpage to PDF, here is the right place where you can get the best answer. In this article, we will not only show you the detailed steps of how to save a webpage as PDF in Safari on iPhone or iPad, but also introduce you an easy solution for PDF management.

How to Save a Webpage as PDF in Safari on iPhone


The following steps are quite useful for people who are interested in keeping webpage content as PDF. It will take an example with how to save a webpage as PDF on iPhone. Don’t worry, all the steps are applied to iPad use. 

Let’s see how it works.

Step 1: Open Safari on iPhone, and access any webpage that you want to save it as PDF

Step 2: Tap on the Share button, and you have 2 options to save a webpage as PDF

·         Save PDF to Books

You can choose to save a webpage as PDF to Books app. Simply tap “Save PDF to Books”, and then jump to Books app automatically. You’ll see the webpage is saved as PDF and stored in Books app successfully.




·         Create PDF

If you choose “Create PDF”, then you can save the webpage as PDF to iCloud Drive or on your iPhone. For anyone who likes to save the PDF on iPhone, simple select a folder, and tap “Add”.





Very simple, and this is the best way to save any webpage as PDF in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. For anyone who saves webpages as PDFs to Books, we offer you another useful tip, allowing you to export the PDF from Books to PC.

How to Export PDFs from iPhone to Computer

This is how IOTransfer works. As a reliable iOS file transfer tool, IOTransfer ensures you the easiest but safe way to manage and transfer files (including photos, videos, music files, PDFs and etc.) between iOS devices and Windows PC.

Additionally, this feature-rich program can also be used as your phone cleaner, video downloader, converter and GIF maker.

When you saved webpages as PDFs to Books, you can make full use of IOTransfer to export the PDFs from iPhone or iPad to your PC. Free download IOTransfer, and follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to PC, and run IOTransfer. Or you are interested in trying AirTrans, IOTransfer wireless-transfer feature.

Step 2: Go to MANAGE > Books, all the PDFs as well as audiobooks on your iPhone are listed here. Find the PDF that saved from a webpage, select and export.


In the section, you are allowed to transfer any other PDF from computer to iPhone, or bulk-delete unwanted PDFs from your iPhone with 1 click. Try IOTransfer and explore more great features, and don’t forget to catch up with these related articles:

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