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Home > Tips > Change or Remove Background from Image on iPhone for Free

Change or Remove Background from Image on iPhone for Free

There is a free online tool that allows you to remove background from image on iPhone. With the help of Siri Shortcuts, you can also change the image background to any other image.

Updated Jan 30,2019 | by Cody

You may think removing image background may need some professional tools like PS, but you don’t have to. After you reading this article, you can easily change or remove background from image on iPhone or any other device within 5 seconds.

If you find the background of the image is not fitting to foreground or you simply want to change the background to a prettier or funnier one, you can use the method that I am about to show you. You can select any photo from your library as the image background.

Free Online Tool for Removing Image Background

It may be a tedious job to separate foregrounds from backgrounds. Thanks to the free online Tool, you can remove background from an image in 5 seconds. You can simply head over to, a single-purpose website, to get started.

upload image

You can upload a photo or paste the URL of the image and this tool will automatically identify any people in it and remove the background. You don’t have to mark persons on the image. The tools will automatically do it and immediately, you can download a PNG of your subject with a transparent background.

remove image background

As for now, requires at least one person in the image. Otherwise, it does not work. It is said that this free tool will support other kinds of images as well in the future. It is already a great tool after all.

The supported input image formats including JPG and PNG. The output image will be PNG. There is no limitation of input image resolution. However, the output image is limited to 0.25 megapixels (625 × 400 pixels). If you want to download high quality results, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan that allows you to download image with 4 megapixels.

Change Image Background on iPhone with Siri Shortcuts

As you can see, this online tool only allows you to download the output image without background. You cannot use it to actually change image background. Fortunately, this website also provides free API key. With it, I am able to create a Siri shortcut that allows you to easily change image background on iPhone.

In case you are not familiar, Shortcuts is an automation app as the updated version of Workflow, which is acquired by Apple. You can add a voice command to Siri to run a pre-made shortcut. That’s why it is also called Siri Shortcuts.

If you haven’t installed Shortcuts already, you can download it from AppStore to get started. After that, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. Get this Change Image Background shortcut by open the link in Safari or Firefox.

Step 2. Tap to run this Change Image Background shortcut. If the image that you want to remove background from is not saved in Photos app, you can also run this shortcut from share sheet.

Change Image Background Shortcut

Step 3. Select an image from your photo library to continue if you run it from Shortcuts app.


If the image is in HEIC format, you can convert to HPG using free online HEIC to JPG Converter tool. 

Step 4. Then the shortcut will present you the preview of the image without background. Now, you can select to save the image to Photos app or change the image background.

Remove Image Background iPhone

Step 5. If you select Change Image Background, it will bring you the photo library to select a photo to be the background.

Step 6. You will see the Image Editor screen where you can adjust the position and size of the image without background. After that, you can save or share the image with a new background.

That’s how this shortcut works. I bet it works better than any image background remover app from AppStore. More importantly, it is free. In order to make this shortcut work, you need to go get the free API key. Just go to the website and subscribe for API key. In a shortcut while, you can get a free API key.

If you have not updated to iOS 12, you can use the online tool to remove background from image on iPhone. As you know, you cannot normally download files from Safari on iPhone. In order to use the online image background removal tool, you can download the Documents app. By using the web browser in Documents app, you can upload and download images without problem.

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