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Home > Tips > iPhone Gets Too Hot! Tips for Preventing iPhone Overheating Issue

iPhone Gets Too Hot! Tips for Preventing iPhone Overheating Issue

Frequent overheating will cause function failure and damage the hardware of your iPhone. If your iPhone gets hot every now and then, you might take it seriously and follow these tips.

Updated Jun 03,2016 | by Niko

You must have found that your iPhone gets hot every now and then, especially during the summer. In fact, there are many reasons available to lead to your iPhone overheating, mostly because of the heavy load on the device processor. If the system on a chip, battery and other hardware keep processing and working constantly, no doubt your iPhone gets hot.

You may think that overheating is not a big problem for iPhone, and not take it seriously. However, continuous and frequent overheating will cause some functions’ failure and even damage the hardware of your iPhone. In the situation, your iPhone is likely to stop charging, the rear-facing LED flash will be disabled temporarily, the signal of your iPhone becomes weak, the display goes dim and black and etc.

If your iPhone is suffering from the overheating issue, the following tips may help get over it.

Avoid Extensive Use of Your iPhone

When you play intensive graphics or large games for a very long time, your iPhone starts overheating due to the overload of the processor. So, you need to avoid prolonged use of your iPhone. Giving the device regular rest can effectively prevent overheating issue.

Also, and this is important, do not use your iPhone while charging. Many of you are now so addicted to mobile phones it feels like you have lost a limb when you are without your phones. You just keep texting, talking or playing games even when your iPhone is in charging. Charging would make the phone heat up. Honestly, if you use your devices extensively during the process, it was like adding fuel to the fire.

Reconfigure Hardware-Related Features of Your iPhone

In addition to games, some certain apps keep refreshing in the background all the time and consume heavy system resources as well. To give your iPhone enough time to cool down, we suggest you close those apps for some time and then start them again later.

At the same time, disable some features of your iPhone can prevent overheating issue as well. Features like Location Services, map directions and Bluetooth consume a large amount of system resources. It will cause overheating of your iPhone if they run all the time. Disable these features will not only help prevent overheating, but also save battery power.

Other Common Tips

This is something related to your habit, more or less. Let’s get to the point. Do not put your iPhone on car’s dashboard, do not leave it in a parked car, and try to keep your iPhone away from direct sunlight. If your iPhone has already got hot, switch it off directly might be able to solve the problem. But if your iPhone still overheats after you try all above methods or your iPhone just overheats without any reason, you’d better make a Genius Bar reservation. 

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