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Home > Tips > Password Protect Photos on iPhone with Photos Vault

Password Protect Photos on iPhone with Photos Vault

The Hide Photo feature is not enough. To Prevent others to see your photos, you can use one of these three ways to password protect photos on iPhone.

Updated Jan 17,2019 | by Cody

You can hide photos in iOS device by adding photos to the private album, but that is not enough because anyone can open the private album without your consent. In this article, I will show you how to password protect photos on iPhone with iOS 12’s new feature.

Actually, there are three ways to lock your photos with password. You don’t even need to download a dedicated application. Read on to see the details.

Method 1: Lock Photos on iPhone with Photo Vault Siri Shortcut

You may have heard a lot about Siri Shortcuts, which can help you automate many things. Here, I will share with you a shortcut called Photo Vault to password protect your photos on iOS device.

If you do not know about Siri Shortcuts, which is presented by Apple, you can download it free from AppStore to get started. Then you can get this Photo Vault shortcut for iPhone to encrypt your photos.

When you run this shortcut for the first time. You will be prompted to set up the initial password. After that, you can run this shortcut again to add photos to this Photo Vault to protect your photos with password.

 Password Protect Photos on iPhone

Of course, you will be asked to input the password you set up to continue. Then you can select a few photos to add to the Photo Vault. Once the photos are added to Photo Vault, it will ask your permission to delete the selected photos.

When you ever want to view these password protected photos, you will need to run this shortcut and input your password. You can also easily restore the photos to the Phots app if needed.


You can also use this shortcut to lock videos with a password.

 As you can image, it will take more time to password protect videos than photos on iPhone. You add this shortcut to Home screen to make it more convenient. If you don’t want it to attract others’ attention, you can rename this shortcut and change its icon if needed.

If you want to explore more about Siri Shortcuts, you can download a few awesome pre-made Siri Shortcuts. Then you can open each shortcut to figure out how each action works. Not for long, you will know how to create your own shortcuts.

Method 2: Password Protect Photos with Notes App

Besides using Shortcuts app, you can also password protect photos on iOS device with the Notes app. You can follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. On Photos app, select the photos that you want to protect and tap on the Share button. You can also select videos and GIFs if you want.

Step 2. From Share Sheet, tap Add to Note and tap Save.

Select PhotosStep 3. Open the Notes app and select the note you just created. Tap Share button again.

Lock Note

Step 4. From Share Sheet, tap Lock Note and then enter your password to lock this note.

When that’s done, you need to manually delete the protected photos in Photos app. If needed, you can also restore the photos in Notes to Camera Roll. If you haven’t set up the passcode for Notes app, go to Settings > Notes > Password to configure it.

Method 3: Photo Vault App for iPhone

If you want a dedicated applicate for protecting your images with password, then you can use this Private Photo Vault app. it is a free app that offers In-App purchase.

Compared to the previous 2 methods, this app has more features. You can use it to lock your photos and videos with a passcode, hide photos on iPhone from others, download photos, manage and edit photos within this app.

Photo Vault app for iPhone 

The only problem with this app is the app itself may arouse suspicious because if its app name. Other people who have access to your photos may be curious about what’s in it.

That’s all the three ways to password protect photos on iPhone. The shortcut method is great in my opinion. You can open the shortcut to see each action and modify it as you want. That’s the beautify of it. Now it’s your turn, which method do you think is the best?

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