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Home > Tips > How to Open Zip Files on iPhone – Extract Zip Files

How to Open Zip Files on iPhone – Extract Zip Files

How to extract zip files on your iPhone or iPad? If you have this question, check this article and figure out how to extract and open zip files on iOS devices.

Updated Feb 09,2019 | by Niko

This happens sometimes. One of the friends sends you an iMessage with a zipped file of photos, or AirDrop you a zipped file of music files, or your workmate sends you an email attached a zipped file of business documents. How to open and extract zip files on your iPhone?

In this article, we will list 2 feasible solutions that help you unzip files on your iPhone effectively. Ok, let’s check them one by one.

Open Zip Files in Files App on iPhone

Coming with iOS 11, the Files app is a very useful feature allowing you to browse, search and manage all your documents and files just in one place on iPhone (or iPad). In fact, you are able to open zip files on iPhone by making use of the Files app. Let’s see how it works.

For example, you just receive an email attached with a zip file of images.


You can preview the zip file content directly in the mail. However, saving the zip file to the Files app lets you check and view the zip file content on iPhone at anytime, and also keep the file as backup just in case you delete the email accidentally.

1. Tap on the zip attachment in the mail that you receive, and you’ll see the information of the zip file, including file name, size and how many files are contained in the zip. And then, tap on the Share button at the top right corner of the screen.


2. Choose “Save to Files to files.png

3. You can choose to save the zip file to iCloud Drive or on your iPhone. Don’t worry, if you save the zip file to iCloud Drive, you can also open, view and share it directly on your iPhone. Here, we add the zip file to iCloud Drive. Tap iCloud Drive > Add

3.add to icloud.png

Now, you easily find the zip file in the Files app, and view & share it as the way you like. No matter you receive zip files in mail or message, you can open them in Files on iPhone.


If you want to save the images, simply preview the content and use the Share button to save the images to the Photos by tapping “Save Image”. image.png

Extract Zip Files on iPhone with Third-Party Apps

If you are not a fan of the Files app, or want to try something with more great features, you can take advantages of the third-party apps to open and extract zip files on iPhone. You’ll find many applications that let you zip or unzip files on iPhone.

Here, we just introduce one of them as an example and show you how to open and extract zip files on iPhone. As the previous solution, you tap on the zip file in your mail, and then tap the Share button. This time, you

1. Choose “Copy to WinZip”

6.copy to app.png

2. Directly unzip the file or send some of the files via mail or AirDrop zip file.png

Note: some apps require Pro version to use more features, but no matter what, you can always find a one that can address your needs.

Manage Unzipped Files between iPhone and PC

This is the bonus tip for people who want to transfer files between iPhone and computer. When you extract content from a zip file, and keep the content on your iPhone, you may want to transfer the content from iPhone to computer for some reasons. Why not try IOTransfer?

As one of the best iOS file transfer programs, IOTransfer offers you 2 ways to transfer the content across computer and iOS devices: with USB cable or wirelessly transfer.

If you are going to copy or sync the unzipped files and content on your iPhone to computer,

·       connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable, go to MANAGE > Photos > choose the photos you want to copy to PC > click “Export”

·       open AirTrans app on your iPhone and IOTransfer program on PC. Scan to connect and transfer unzipped files without USB cable

With IOTransfer, you are able to bulk-delete unwanted photos from your iPhone by few simple clicks. In addition to transferring feature, IOTransfer guarantees you more, such as video download, video conversion, phone clean, GIF maker and etc.

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