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Home > Tips > iPhone Maps Voice Not Working - How to Fix It

iPhone Maps Voice Not Working - How to Fix It

iPhone maps voice not working or Google maps sound not working iPhone? Here we give you several solutions. Read more to find how to fix Google maps no sound iPhone in iOS 13/12 on iPhone 8/X/11.

Updated Jul 14,2020 | by Shannon

google maps no sound iphone

Problem of iPhone maps voice not working bothers many iPhone users, including Google maps sound not working iPhone. This might happen after updating iOS system to a new version, like iOS 13, or when using a new iPhone X/11. If you are now facing this problem, don't worry. Here we will guide you step by step to solve the issue of iPhone maps voice not working

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Method 1: Fix iPhone Maps Voice Not Working in iPhone Settings

Step 1: Make sure that the volume of your device is up. There are times when we put our phone in a silent mode and forgot it.

Step 2: Sometimes the volume of the Maps app is turned on but it is too low which is why you are unable to hear any voice. For turning up the volume on Google Maps app on your device, go to the app first. On the menu, go to Settings and then navigation settings. Choose a louder option.

google maps not talking iphone

Method 2: Enable Voice Navigation in Google Maps

After checking the sound status of your iPhone, make sure the volume is also up for Google Maps. If Google maps voice navigation doesn't work, go to the Google Map. By starting navigation, you will see a sound option on the top right corner. If the icon is mute, tap on it to activate the volume.

google maps sound not working iphone

Sometimes, when you enter a destination, hit "Directions" and the route options pop up, the volume is on the lowest setting when you tap on the volume button. You just need to tap the volume icon and then the voice will be back with the volume up at full.

Method 3: Check Bluetooth Connection

If you still can't hear voice navigation in Apple Maps, it is probably your iPhone is paired with your car or other Bluetooth speakers. If the Bluetooth speaker is not near you, you may not hear it.

To check it, you can go to the Settings app and select "Bluetooth" to see if any device is currently paired with your iPhone. From there, you select your car's Bluetooth connection or simply disconnect it to use your iPhone speaker.

google maps voice not working iphone

Method 4: Redownload Voice Direction

Make sure the voice directions are downloaded on your device. You will not be able to hear iPhone maps voice navigation if they are not downloaded. For downloading voice directions, connect your device to the internet and click on get directions. After the process is completed, start your Google Maps in a regular way. You will be able to hear directions now.

Hope that the above steps can help you fix the issue of Google maps not talking iPhone.

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Bouns Tips: How to Find Your Accurate Current Location on Google Map

google maps audio not working iphone

The following tips are about how to find your current location if your iPhone Google Map is not working properly.

Step 1:

Go to settings > privacy, and then Location Services. Make sure that the option of location service is on. 

enable location services.jpg

Step 2:

Pull down the menu, tap on Map or Google Map. Normally there are 2-3 options in the map settings, Never, While Using the App, Always. Choose "While Using the App" , it will help you save more cellular data.

map settings.jpg

Step 3:

Check the settings of your device's date, time, and location. All of these should be accurate. If they are not set properly, go to the settings, general then date and time. Set the accurate date.

Step 4:

Save the settings, turn your internet connection on and restart your device.

Step 5:

Make sure that your device is connected with a Wi-Fi connection. It is also recommended to change your location when you restart your device as it will help in the location recognition process.

The Bottom Line

After following the above-mentioned steps, if you are still facing navigations issues, report about it. Otherwise, you can check if your location is compatible with Google Maps of your device. By trying the above-mentioned steps, you will surely be able to resolve your issue of Google Maps no sound iPhone.

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