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Home > Tips > 7 Most Common iPhone Mistakes Made by Users

7 Most Common iPhone Mistakes Made by Users

In this article, we summarize the most common iPhone mistakes by users, so you can avoid if you know what they are.

Updated Jul 06,2016 | by Niko


iPhone is one of the most advanced technological devices that makes your life easier and funnier.  However, the misconceptions of iPhone usage can break your device and shorten its lifespan as well. In the following contents, we summarize the most common iPhone mistakes made by its users, so you can avoid if you know what they are.

Mistake 1: Never Backup Your iPhone

There is nothing more frustrating than losing your important data and information. Since your iPhone is full of your photos, contacts, emails and other valuable content, backup, the step that most iPhone users are still ignoring, is critical and necessary. In addition to making backup with iCloud and iTunes, you can make use of other powerful alternative tools like IOTransfer, allowing you to backup your important data and apps with ease.

Mistake 2: Never Turn Your iPhone Off

Many iPhone users never turn iPhone off, while it needs a real rest. In fact, the battery keeps discharging even if your iPhone is inactive. In order to prevent the battery from fast draining, you really need to turn your iPhone off from time to time.

Mistake 3: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Location Services are Always On

It’s totally energy-comsuming, when you enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature and are not gonna use them. So, form a good habit from now on. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or both and turn them on only when you need them.

Location Services is another factor that will drain your battery badly. Actually, more apps installed in your iPhone can work properly without location services. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services and disable it for all unnecessary apps. That will also help maximize your battery performance.

Mistake 4: Overheating or Overcooling Your iPhone

Most of you use your iPhone outside in extreme temperature, however, the device should not be used when the temperature is above 35°C or below 0°C. If iPhone suffers from super-cold or super-hot temperature, the battery will drain much faster and the device will shut down directly. We suggest you power off your iPhone in extreme weather to prevent iPhone overheating or overcooling issue.

Mistake 5: Use iPhone without Passcode

According to Apple’s report, approximately half of iPhone users use their iPhone devices without passcode. Imagine this, if your iPhone is stolen and it has no passcode protection, your personal information will be exposed to the thief. A passcode will not prevent your iPhone from being stolen, but it protects your privacy. It is quite necessary to set a passcode for your iPhone. Go to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and turn Passcode on.

Mistake 6: Use Wrong Charger

Most iPhone users complain that Apple charger cable breaks so often and so easily. Due to the high price of real Apple charger, many of them choose other cheaper alternatives. But third-party chargers can cause fires and explosions and damage your iPhone. To avoid those serious consequences, and also prolong life of battery and iPhone device, Apple charger is worth the investment.

Mistake 7: Fully Charging or Draining the Battery

iPhone has Lithium-ion battery integration, and fully charging and draining it would shorten its lifespan or damage the battery. Lithium-ion battery works best when powered between 40% and 80% actually, while most iPhone users charge their iPhone to 100% all the time or use it until the device shuts down automatically. You can protect your battery life and ensure it enough energy to work all the time by topping up the battery in short spurts. Remember, do not leave your iPhone plugged overnight. 

Try your best to avoid thoses iPhone mistakes mentioned above to ensure your iPhone always run in the best state!

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