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Home > Tips > [Solution] What Should Be The Best Tool for MLB Video Download to PC/iPhone

[Solution] What Should Be The Best Tool for MLB Video Download to PC/iPhone

It’s pretty convenient to find MLB video streaming on or no YouTube’s MLB channel. However, is there any way for MLB video download to PC/iPhone for offline watching? In this article, some convenient and effective methods will be provided.

Updated May 22,2018 | by Micky

MLB(Major League Baseball) is the world’s largest baseball organization. Up to 29 American teams and 1 Canadian team take part in the annual matches hosted by MLB and it’s should be the last thing that a baseball fan wants to miss.

There are going to be numbers of excellent moments in the matches no matter they are unbelievable homeruns or something “gone wrong” in the filed that you want to save as superb collections for replay or other entertaining purposes. In this article, we’re going to discover some practical ways for MLB video download to PC/iPhone for a smooth offline visual experience.


Method 1 Record MLB Live Matches with A Professional Video Recorder

What if you got some business to do when a match was going on but you didn’t want to miss it? You might as well consider recording the whole match so that you can view the replay offline later. Replay Video Capture 8 can be the most convenient video recorder to help to record the video streaming on and other platforms where you can watch the matches live. Follow the several steps below to learn the use.

1.       Download, install and launch Replay Video Capture 8.

2.       Go to, find the live streaming and open it in full window.

3.       Return to Replay Video Capture, click on “GET VIDEO” to let the program automatically detect and capture the video window


4.       Click on “Record” to get started and when it’s finished, hit “Stop”.

5.       Click on “View”, select the file name, right click on it and click on “Open storage folder” to find the video location and view it on PC.


Method 2 Save MLB Videos with An Online MLB Video Downloader

How to download MLB videos on TUBEOFFLINE is an online video downloader designed to download videos from It doesn’t only provide you an option to select video format so that you can ensure the best compatibility, but also, it allows you to choose the desired video quality for the downloaded video.

However, there are 2 defects. One is the annoying pop-up ads which are displayed every time you open the program and the other one is the download speed that dramatically relies on the server’s state. Sometimes it can take minutes to download a 100MB-long video. Whatever, let’s focus on the detailed steps now.

1.       Go to, find the match video you want to download, right click on it and copy the URL.

2.       Open TUBEOFFLINE and paste the link onto the blank box beside “video URL:”.

3.       Select your desired conversion format and output quality. Click on “Get video” and an analysis will be launched.


4.       After the analysis is finished, you will see several items with a download button beside. Select the one according to your preference and click on the download button.


5.       In the opened fullscreen video page, click on the download button on the lower right to start the downloading process.


Method 3 Download MLB Video with A Third-party Video Download Program

If you want to be free from pop-up ads and slow download speed caused by online video downloader and also want to save the downloaded MLB videos to your iPhone, IOTransfer iPhone transfer software must be the best choice! Within only 2 steps, you can download a full MLB video from YouTube’s MLB channel which is much simpler than its online downloader counterparts.

Step 1 Connect Your iPhone to PC

Free download IOTransfer, install and launch it. Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. If the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, hit “Trust”.


Step 2 Begin YouTube MLB Video Download

Click on “VIDEOS” at the top, copy and paste the video’s link onto the blank filed beside “URL:”, preset an output folder and then tick off the tiny box before “Automatically transfer the downloaded videos into your iOS devices”. Hit the download button to begin.


In a short while, you can find the downloaded video both in the folder you previously set and in the video App on your iPhone.

What’s is the best way for MLB video download to PC/iPhone? You can take matters into your own hands now since the most practical solutions have been given!

Other Practical Features of IOTransfer

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2.       Clear App cache and junk files on iPhone

3.       Back up iOS data between iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and PC

4.       Remove unused Apps from iPhone

5.       Download videos from mainstream video sites.

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