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Home > Tips > Latest iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks

Latest iPhone 7 Tips and Tricks

. This small and simple guide will demonstrate to you a portion of the best hidden elements that Apple has hidden away for you to find in iPhone 7.

Updated Oct 14,2016 | by Mike

On the off chance that you've chosen to treat yourself to a brand new iPhone 7, or the super-sized iPhone 7 Plus, you might need to look at the accompanying tips and tricks that will make your experience all the more enjoyable. This small and simple guide will demonstrate to you a portion of the best hidden elements that Apple has hidden away for you to find.

How To Quickly Delete a Message 

On the off chance that you've begun to write a text message but then you have a better idea and choose to say something else, don't try pressing the backspace key repeatedly. Rather, simply give your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus a quick shake and you'll be inquired as to whether you need to erase the whole thing. Simple. 

How To Change The Feedback Level Of The New Home Button 

The iPhone 7 features a new home button, which isn't really a button by any means. When you "push" it, that clicking sensation you get is only vibration feedback from the device. 

On the off chance that you need a milder or more grounded vibration, you can change this in the iPhone 7's settings. Go to General settings, and after that Home Button. In here you can pick between three different levels of vibration strength, as well as being able to test every level before selecting your pick. 

How To Make Your Phone A Wi-Fi Hotspot

 In case you're all over the place and need to get a Wi-Fi immediately, you're in luck. Unless your system contract denies this kind of thing, you can basically go to the settings and begin the hotspot up and change your password just in case.  

How To Save Some Battery

In case you're always coming up short on battery, you may consider changing the timeout length for your home screen. This permits your IPhone to go dull quicker or slower, contingent upon your inclinations. A shorter timeout will spare battery. You can likewise lower the brightness of your IPhone, which additionally save more battery. 

How To Get Flashes For Notifications

The iPhone 7 lets you quickly check notifications just by lifting up your IPhone or removing it from your pocket yet you can likewise make the camera flash on and off to let let you know that you have a new notification that needs your assistance.

The All New IOS 10 Lock Screen 

The lock screen is presently more supportive than any other time in recent memory on the iPhone 7. For example, you can now 3D Touch your warnings to see more subtle elements - simply push hard on a calendar section for full points of interest. 

You can likewise now swipe your finger left over the lock screen to promptly access the camera application and take a fast photo or record a video immediately. Simply tap the home button to come back to the lock screen when you're done. What's more, in the event that you swipe right, you'll raise the clever new Today View

How Not To Destroy Your Phone 

If someone tell you that by drilling a whole in your new IPhone 7 you can enable jack support………….please don’t. you probably didn’t need me to tell you but do not drill a hole in your phone, no matter what.

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