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Home > Tips > iPhone X Plus Features Preview – The Biggest iPhone Is Coming?

iPhone X Plus Features Preview – The Biggest iPhone Is Coming?

iPhone X Plus features preview. In this article, the reported massive handset iPhone X Plus will be exhaustively introduced from all respects including its size, goal and other practical features. What’s more, a convenient iOS transfer tool will be brought in to help you move your files from your old iPhone to iPhone X Plus.

Updated Mar 05,2018 | by Bennie

According to a new leak from MacRumors, the most renowned website that aggregates Apple’s news, a brand new massive iPhone will be launched which is called iPhone X Plus.


Preview of iPhone X Plus Features

1.       The camera, photoreceptor and 3D sensor are located on the top of the screen due to the adoption of comprehensive screen technique.

2.       The resolution of iPhone X Plus’s screen is 1242*2688.

3.       The battery capacity is estimated around 3400mAh.

4.       Apple is said to be working on a gold color for the Plus version as an additional choice besides white and silver.

How Big iPhone X Plus Will Be

The former CEO Steve Jobs once said a handset of 3.5 inch fitted human’s hand best. So, during a long period, there had been no noticeable innovation on the size of iPhone until Android products at larger sizes became more and more popular. Even so, Apple doesn’t blindly purse bigger screens. For example, the new comprehensive screen technique enlarges iPhone X’s screen to 5.8 inches while retaining the phone’s size of 5.5 inch. It is reported that the size of iPhone X Plus’s OLED screen will reach 6.5 inch on which a display with 480 to 500 pixels per inch will be achieved. How massive it is! Here, we can fully believe that this amazing technique of comprehensive screen has been applied to the Plus.

Why Does Apple Develop iPhone X Plus

It is obvious that this new iPhone product will bring a huge impact on Andriod’s big-screen mobile phones. But there are still people wondering whether iPhone X Plus is taken as an alternative to Pad mini?

This indeed makes some senses and here I will explain why.

iPad mini 4 hasn’t obtained any relatively big innovation since its born in 2015 with only a few conservative functional upgrades were applied. In this case, iPad Pro has left iPad mini 4 behind far away. What’s more, iPhone sells much better than pad series as well.

So, to design iPad mini as iPhone X Plus cannot only adjust the structure of Apple’s pads but also satisfy those users who prefer a bigger screen.


Bonus Tips: How to Transfer Data from the Old iPhone to iPhone X Plus

I think one of the things that bothers you after buying this brand new iPhone X Plus is how to transfer your data including contacts, photos and music from your old iPhone to the new one?

Don’t worry. This time, I will bring you a much more convenient method for iPhone file transfer compared with using iCloud and iTunes.

Step 1

Free download, install and launch IOTransfer iPhone manager. Then, connect your old iPhone to PC. After recognized, click on Manage.


Step 2

Let’s take music for example. In the opened window, click on Music on the left, tick off those you want to back up and transfer. Then click on Export to move them to your computer.


Step 3

Connect your iPhone X Plus to PC. After it is recognized, go to Manage again, click on Music and then hit Import to transfer the music to your Plus from PC.

It seems much simpler than using iCloud or iTunes right? Free download it and have a try!

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