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Home > Tips > How to Transfer iPhone Photos to USB with 2 Practical Ways

How to Transfer iPhone Photos to USB with 2 Practical Ways

Is your iPhone storage taken up by too many photos? Don’t worry because this time, you will learn how to transfer iPhone photos to USB, a safer and better place to store all the photos.

Updated Jan 18,2019 | by Micky

Q: How to transfer iPhone photos to USB because the storage is almost full?

iPhone is not only renowned for its features like Augmented Reality, Group Facetime, and iMessage. The high-definition camera is also very welcomed among its users.

With the camera, people take photos whenever they want and wherever they go and all the photos taken will be saved in the “Photos” App.

However, as time goes by, there will be more and more photos and they will eat up the storage little by little. Finally, the iPhone becomes slow and less responsive.

It’s never difficult to handle this problem since you can always transfer iPhone photos to USB.

In the following contents, you will learn 2 basic ways to save iPhone photos to a USB stick.


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Transfer iPhone Photos to USB on Windows

In this way, you can directly transfer all iPhone photos to USB easily but you can’t choose a certain album to transfer and all the pictures are in disorder.

Since most people tend to choose this way, I might as well give a brief introduction to how it works.

1.       Connect your iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s read.

2.       Open it on your PC.

3.       Click on Internal Storage and then, go to the DICM folder.

4.       Select and copy the photos you want to transfer. Then, plug in a USB stick and paste the photos to the USB.

Transfer iPhone Photo Albums to USB via Third-party Software

The previous method provides us with a straightforward way to transfer photos from iPhone to USB. However, as I’ve told, it doesn’t allow users to choose photos in a certain album to transfer which is rather inconvenient.

So, now, I’m going to show you a more user-friendly tool - IOTransfer – to help you complete iPhone to USB photo transfer with much more ease.

IOTransfer iPhone transfer software helps you transfer photos by album from iPhone to PC within several clicks. More than photo transfer, others like video, music, and contact transfer are also allowed within this program. Moreover, IOTransfer has features like YouTube video download, GIF making, and iPhone cleaning which makes it even look more practical.

How to save iPhone photos to USB by album? Free try the best iPhone transfer software.

Step 1 Connect iPhone to PC

Install and launch IOTransfer, connect the iPhone to PC via a USB cable and wait until it’s recognized. When you see the notification “Trust This Computer” on the display, tap on “Trust” to proceed.


Step 2 Choose the Photos You Want to Transfer

Click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar and in the opened window, go to the album where the photos are. Tick off the photos you want to transfer and click on “Export”. Choose the folder to save the photos and proceed to begin the transfer.


Step 3 Transfer the Videos from PC to USB

After the transfer is complete, you can connect a USB drive to PC. Choose the photos from the folder you previously set and export them all to the USB drive.

Bottom Line

Have already known how to transfer iPhone photos to USB? That’s not something difficult once you find the right tool.

If you have any further questions about iPhone photo transfer, feel free to contact us.

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