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Home > Tips > Why My iPhone and iPad Won't Connect to WiFi? How to Fix WiFi Not Working Issues on iPhone and iPad?

Why My iPhone and iPad Won't Connect to WiFi? How to Fix WiFi Not Working Issues on iPhone and iPad?

iPhone and iPad won't connect to WiFi is a common error that frustrates Apple users. Follow the solutions below will help you solve WiFi not working Issues.

Updated Jun 21,2016 | by Shannon

WiFi not working on iPhone and iPad may frustrate every iPhone and iPad users. You can't do a lot of things if iPhone not connecting to WiFi. Sending emails, playing online games and viewing Instagram all needs fast speed and stability internet.

Why My iPad Won't Connect to WiFi?

If your iPhone and iPad not connecting to WiFi properly and faces some problems such as dropping the connection again and again, slow connection or incorrect password prompts, you will surely want to fix those issues.

The ways to fix these issues mentioned below are arranged from simplest to the more intricate ones. You will have to try these ways one by one and check your internet connectivity after every step. One of these fixes will possibly help you resolve your WiFi not working issues on your Apple device.

  • Check your WiFi Router

If you find your WiFi not working on iPhone, make sure that your WiFi router is working well and there are no issues with internet connectivity in your area.

  • Set your WiFi to on position

It may be possible that you WiFi is set to off position accidently by you. Go to settings, click on WiFi and make sure that it is set to ON position.

turn on WiFi.jpg

  • Confirm your password

You may have typed an incorrect password that is causing some WiFi issues. Entering the right password may resolve your issues with connectivity.

  • Forget WiFi Network

If you are still can't connect to WiFi, you can force your iPhone or iPad to forget the connected WiFi network. Go to settings, and navigate to WiFi and click on the ‘i’ button. Then click on ‘Forget this Network’ button. Reconnect the network once again and see if this trick works for you.

  • Reboot your WiFi device and iPhone

Try rebooting your internet device and also your iPhone or iPad to see it fixes your issues or not.

  • Reset network settings

You can also reset the entire network settings on your iPad or iPhone to fix this problem. You will lose your present WiFi network settings by performing this trick. Go to settings and click on General. Tap on Reset and click on the option of Reset Network Settings. It may fix your WiFi issues on your iDevice.

  • Turn off WiFi assist

WiFi Assist is the latest feature in iPhone that has been intended to enhance user experience on iDevice. This feature makes your device turn cellular data on whenever it finds weak internet signals. Turning off this feature may help you fix connectivity issues in your device. Go to settings, head to Cellular and locate WiFi Assist feature to turn it off.

  • Use your PC to resolve the issue

This is not a fix but might be helpful for you to resolve the issue of iPhone won't connect to WiFi. Use your Laptop or computer to check if you can connect to your WiFi network. If you are able to connect to the WiFi, try connecting the internet on your iPad or iPhone. Hopefully, your device should connect to the network and you will resolve your connectivity issue.

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