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Home > Tips > 4 Secret iPhone Hacks

4 Secret iPhone Hacks

So, do you think you’ve experienced the full power of iPhone? May be you haven’t yet!

Updated Jul 29,2016 | by Mike

So, do you think you’ve experienced the full power of iPhone? May be you haven’t yet!

Here are some of the secret hacks to make the most out of iPhone and use it like a boss. Sit back and relax now, you’re about to read the awesome tips that will make your iPhone experience better than you ever dreamed.

1. Invert Display Colors to Browse at Night

This is an important feature for those don’t want to disturb everyone in room while using phone at night.

·         How to invert screen colors on iPhone and iPad

1.       Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

2.       Tap on General.

3.       Tap on Accessibility.

4.       Turn On the option for Invert Colors — it's under the Vision section at the top

2. Turn Off Autofocus in a Tap

This is for all those “old school” mode fans. You can turn-off iPhone’s Autofocus feature quite easily and set it to manual mode.  To turn off autofocus you need to enable the Make AE/AF Lock inside the camera app.

To turn this on, open the camera app, tap on the screen and hold until you see AE/AF Lock appear at the bottom of the screen.To turn the lock off, tap the screen again. Works with: iPhone 3GS and higher.

3. Tell Siri Your Relationships

Have you ever told Siri to simply call your “Mom”?  Well, you can do it quite easily on an iPhone.

The easiest way to do this:

Click and hold the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to launch Siri, then say "[name of contact] is my [mom, wife, son, boss]."

After a moment, Siri will ask to confirm the relationship. That’s it, done!

4. Charge Battery Faster

This trick will come in handy when you’ve less time to finish charging your phone. Simply put the iPhone into flight and charge it. It won’t take much time to full charge an iPhone while on flight mode.

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