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Home > Tips > iPhone Becomes Slow After Updating to iOS 12

iPhone Becomes Slow After Updating to iOS 12

If you’re wondering why your iPhone becomes slow after updating to iOS 12, read this tutorial and you will learn the reason. Then, some practical methods to solve the issue are provided.

Updated Oct 07,2018 | by Micky

One of the most significant features of iOS 12 is the faster performance. With 70% faster camera launch, 50% faster keyboard display, and 40% faster App launch, iPhone should have seemed to be much smoother.

However, many users complain that their iPhone becomes slow after updating to iOS 12 and everything seems to stutter.

How come? In the following contents, I will explain the reason why this problem occurs and help you fix this issue with ease.


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Clear iPhone to Make More Storage Space

The update to iOS 12 will cost as large size as 1.6GB for iPhone X. So, after the update, there might be little space left on your device and in that case, the performance of the iPhone might be slowed down.

Try making more space by clean the iPhone, deleting cookies and removing extra cache files.

Here, I recommend the best iPhone transfer software – IOTransfer to get it done.

Within several clicks, you can delete any files you want from your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. Meanwhile, it enables you to transfer/back up contents across iOS devices and computers, and also, you can download videos from mainstream sites like YouTube and Vimeo with this versatile software.

Free download IOTransfer to keep your iPhone in the best state!

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Clean the iPhone within Only 2 Steps

Step 1

Install and launch IOTransfer on the computer. Connect your iPhone to it and wait until the device is detected. If the notification “Trust This Computer” pops up, tap on “Trust” to continue.


Step 2

Click on “CLEAN” in the top toolbar and the file analysis will begin.

When completed, it will show you how many files to clean.

Click on “Clean My iPhone” to finish the process.


Reset Your Device

If your iPhone gets slow after updating to iOS 12 and it doesn’t help even if you clear extra files on it. It might be caused by bad compatibility between the iOS version and your device.

For troubleshooting, you’d better reset the device, making it what it looked like when bought.

Follow the steps below.

1.       To back up your device, go to “Settings” > tap on your name > iCloud > enable iCloud backup. Then, tap on “Back up Now”.

2.       Navigate to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset”. Tap on “Erase all contents and settings” and after that, your iPhone will be shut down.

3.       Turn on your iPhone and on the Apps & Data screen, tap on “Restore from iCloud Backup”. Put in your Apple ID and the passwords and choose the backup file you previously set.


Bottom Line

Without downgrading to iOS 11 or any other earlier version which is rather complex, you can solve the problem when iPhone gets slow after iOS 12 update with the top 2 methods provided above.

Hopefully, you will have an amazing experience when interacting with iOS 12 in the future!

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