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Home > Tips > How to Fix It When iPhone Apps Keep Loading

How to Fix It When iPhone Apps Keep Loading

Did you ever try to open up an App on your iPhone but it stuck loading endlessly? Don’t worry. In the following tutorial, you will learn how to fix this problem – iPhone Apps keep loading.

Updated Sep 29,2018 | by Micky

Question: What should I do when iPhone Apps keep loading no matter how many times I restart my iPhone?

This seems to be a common question asked by iPhone users. Have you ever encountered this glitch but got no answers? For example, when trying to launch YouTube on your phone, you see the YouTube icon keeps circling endlessly but never starts.

Keep reading and I will list up all available ways to solve this issue.


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Method 1 Connect the iPhone to Wi-Fi Network

Apps/App update over 100MB can’t be downloaded on iPhone via cellular data on iPhone unless it gets connected to Wi-Fi.

So, next time when you see any Apps keep loading or circling on the homepage, remember to switch it from cellular data to WiFi and tap it on again to see whether the App can be launched.

Method 2 Check Whether It's A Ghost App

iPhone Apps stuck loading? Or maybe it’s not an App at all.

A ghost App is an App that you delete but doesn’t leave the screen. Normally, you can remove the ghost App by simply restarting your device. But if it doesn’t work this way, you will have to back up your iPhone and restore it from the backup.

After the ghost App is deleted, try downloading it again from App Store.

Method 3 Log out of the Apple ID and Then, Log in Again

I haven’t personally tested this way so far, but I did see people mention it.

Try logging out and logging in your Apple ID to fix this issue.

The steps are as below:

Tap on Settings > Store > Apple ID > Sign out.


When done, go to iTunes & App Store and navigate to the Featured section. Go to the bottom and tap on “Sign in”. Then, follow the onscreen guide to finish the steps left.

Now, the App should be able to be launched.

Method 4 Clear iPhone Storage 

Sometimes, the issue iPhone Apps keep loading is caused by insufficient storage space. If the App is too big or the latest update requires too much space, you may not be able to launch it.

To fix it, the best way is to clear storage space on iPhone with the most powerful third-party software – IOTransfer.

This software gives you choices to remove extra cache files and cookies completely from your iOS devices and meanwhile, you can select any files you don’t want including photos, music, and videos in bulk and delete them once for all.

Step 1 Install and launch IOTransfer. Connect your iPhone to PC and wait until it’s detected.

When seeing the notification “Trust This Computer”, tap on “Trust” on your iPhone’s screen.

Step 2 Click on “Clean” in the top toolbar and then, hit “Clean My iPhone” to begin the cleaning process.


Step 3 If you want to delete extra data from iPhone to make more space, click on “MANAGE” in the top toolbar and select the corresponding category where the data is. Let’s take photos for example: Click on “Photos”, select “Camera Roll” or “Albums” and tick off the photos you want to delete and click on “Delete” to get it done.


Method 5 Disconnect and Reconnect to the Network

It sounds too simple but sometimes, disconnecting and reconnecting your iPhone to the network does solve this problem.

Or, in another similar way, you can toggle on airplane mode, wait for 10 seconds and turn it off.

Go to check whether the App can be opened again.

Bottom Line

5 best tips for iPhone Apps keeping loading are given. If you are still encountering this problem even after trying all the methods above. Please contact Apple’s customer service for there might be something wrong with the hardware of your device.

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