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Home > Tips > iPhone 8 Rumors’ Summary: Would iPhone 8 be Like That?

iPhone 8 Rumors’ Summary: Would iPhone 8 be Like That?

At present, many details and information about iPhone 8 have already been revealed. We summarize those closely watched iPhone 8 rumors and now share with you guys.

Updated Mar 21,2017 | by Niko


In 2007, Apple company released the first generation iPhone with 3.5 inch touch screen. It takes large screen iPod, revolutionary mobile phone function and Internet communication facility rolled into one. It can be said that iPhone redefined the Smartphone.

Ten years later, now iPhone prepares the upcoming anniversary of the Decade by offering iPhone 8, the special iPhone Edition. This might be the most important Apple product under Tim Cook’s leadership. After 10 years of evolution and innovation, whether the new iPhone can lead the next decade for Apple? Maybe iPhone 8, which will be unveiled in this autumn, can give us the answer.

Although it is still a quite long time from Apple’s iPhone 8 release date, iPhone 8 rumors never stop. iPhone 8 has received much attention after the release of 7 series in last September.  Some loyal fans of Apple ignored “prosaic” iPhone 7 directly, and expect that iPhone 8 can bring bigger surprises.

In fact, many details and information about iPhone 8 have already been revealed. We summarize those closely watched iPhone 8 rumors and now share with you guys.

1. iPhone 8 Design: OLED Display

The basic design of iPhone 8 will not change much. Apple is expected to adopt glass-backed body and metal aluminum materials. One of the big changes is that iPhone 8 would use a 5.8 inch OLED display with 5.15 inches of usable screen space to replace its LCD panel.

Although Apple’s LCD technology is very mature, we have to admit that OLED shows better characteristics. Compared to LCD screen, OLED is more energy efficient, lighter and ensures higher contrast. These years, companies like Samsung adopt curved surface screen to change the screen’s appearance and bring users new refreshed vision experience.

According to analysis by industry professionals, new iPhone 8 will comes with 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution at 521 ppi, much higher than the current 4.7 inch & 5.5 inch iPhone (326 ppi & 401 ppi). So far, the industry generally believed that iPhone 8 will be the first iPhone model that uses OLED display. But the premise is Apple can purchase enough OLED components.

It will be a big change if iPhone 8 can use OLED display. However, since OLED screen is not cheap, the price of iPhone 8 is expected to be no less than $1000.

iPhone 8 OLED display screen.jpg

2. iPhone 8 with No Home Button

If Apple adds function area in the screen, then the narrow bezel design will be employed. It means that 9 years old iPhone Home button might be removed.  Apple would embed Touch ID into the screen by using optical sensor technology, and helps its Home button achieve invisibility effect.  

Unlike other iOS devices, the Home button of iPhone 7 & iPhone 7 Plus use touch button that can detect the presence and pressure of your finger. This may be to let iPhone users adapt to this kind of operation in advance, analysts estimate. This year, Apple will likely further upgrade the Home button.

In terms of Touch ID, this fingerprint sensor will integrate into the screen as well. At least, the patents that Apple obtained has already confirmed the possibility of this technology.

 A rumor also shows that iPhone 8 may replace its volume and Power button with 3D Touch vibration technology. If it’s true, then iPhone 8 will be the new iPhone model with no any physical button. As for this point, some users worry about its usability and precision.  


3. iPhone 8 Uses Facial Recognition

As always, Apple introduces a new technology that probably tends to change throughout the industry, for example, Touch ID, multi-touch technology, the front-and-back glass design and etc. Some of them are adopted by other companies. According to some rumors, iPhone 8 will add another technology – facial recognition.

It said that iPhone 8 comes with new version laser sensor that can recognize both gesture and human face. Compared to Touch ID’s fingerprint recognition, 3D laser scanner system is more secure. At the same time, it is also less susceptible to conditional influences. In some extreme circumstances like hot and damp climates, it still can be used very well.  

Moreover, laser scanning also makes further preparation for Apple’s AR and VR technology application. Although Apple’s 3D sensing and AR plan is unclear, the industry widely believed that Apple has a big and powerful team that is working on this area. Besides, Apple has conducted a numbers of acquisitions in this area.

4. iPhone 8’s Wireless Charging Technology

Apple wireless charging technology has been calling for years, and it looks like to become a reality finally this year. According to Japanese tech blog Macotacara, the new iPhone 8’s back-glass design will support inductive wireless charging.

Earlier this time, Apple has officially joined WPC (Wireless Power Consortium). Meanwhile, Apple Watch has applied the wireless charging technology. If iPhone 8 really removes all the physical buttons, it’s completely reasonable to think that iPhone 8 adopts wireless charging technology instead.

iPhone 7 series have already replaced the traditional headphone jack with AirPods. In addition to wireless charging technology, iPhone 8 may use a USB-C port instead of a Lighting port as well.


Would iPhone 8 be Like That

Although we refer the new iPhone model as “iPhone 8” in the entire article, actually, there is no definite news report that Apple would name the new iPhone as iPhone 8. Rumors say it might be named as “iPhone Edition”.

By convention, Apple will reveal iPhone 8 in September this year. Since the new iPhone 8 involves many new technologies, people may have to wait one or two months until it officially opens for sale after Apple Event. 3D inductive technology and OLED display factors will determine the time to market of iPhone 8.

How about iPhone 8 color options? At present, Apple introduces and launches red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus, the special edition - (PRODUCT)RED. Thus, in addition to Black, Sliver, Gold, Rose Gold and Jet Black, iPhone 8 is probably available in red model as well, and more other color options are also possible. The price of red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus start from $749 and $869.


Fast Company reports that iPhone 8 could be the most expensive iPhone device ever, and its price will no less than $1000.

In general, the upcoming iPhone 8 will show a significant upgrade. The rumors of its new design, OLED display, wireless charging, facial recognition and others make iPhone 8 highly focused in the industry. Would iPhone 8 be like that? We’ll see.

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