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Home > Tips > iOS 12 Release Date, New features and Rumors

iOS 12 Release Date, New features and Rumors

The iOS 12 is coming soon for the much anticipated iOS. Let’s take a sneak preview on some of the leaks, rumors, official release date and of course cool new features that would be rolling out with the new iOS 12.

Updated Jun 01,2018 | by Shannon

iOS 12.jpg

iOS 12, the latest version of the iOS is scheduled to be released in the autumn of 2018, however a preview of the iOS 12 would be displayed on the 4th of June 2018 by 10 am at WWDC.

The buzz is massive, the anticipation is building, there are several questions on people's mind like what would the iOS 12 have to offer in terms of performance, graphic user interface? And what other cool new features would be included and which devices currently in the market would be able to upgrade to the iOS 12?

Feelers coming from Apple indicate that users should be expecting major performance improvement features in addition to some exciting new features like the highly anticipated Airplay 2 that would be rolled out in the iOS 12. Other interesting features to look out for include the Face ID on iPad and the merge between Mac OS and the iOS (although some envision this might be delayed till the iOS 13 which is scheduled to be released in 2019).

There are also rumors about a new patent that could enable Siri to respond in context when you are unavailable to answer your iPhone and of course, there is the hope that Apple makes its emoji's more user-friendly in the new iOS 12.

Let's take a sneak preview on some of the leaks, rumors, official release date and of course cool new features that would be rolling out with the new iOS 12.

iOS 12 Release Date

The iOS 12 is scheduled to be released in September 2018 as stated previously, although a preview of the iOS 12 would hold at the WWDC on the 4th of June 2018. There are indications that the launch of the iOS 12 would coincide with the launch of the Mac OS 10.14, the watch OS 5 and the TV OS 12. After the preview release in June, the beta version would be available for developers and later for the public prior to its official release in September which is likely to happen with the launch of the new iPhone devices.

Rumored New features

There is a long list of anticipated features that users are looking have on the iOS 12, the features that were expected on previous versions of the iOS that we are yet to see. So, we aren’t 100% sure of all the features that would be made available on the new iOS 12, but we sure do have some exciting features that are surely coming out with this release.

Quality and Performance Improvements

Top of the list of features expected to roll out with the new iOS 12 is performance improvements. The indicators from Apple are that the company would be focusing on addressing issues that deal with performance and quality, with the focus on ensuring stability and bug fixes in addition to making the iOS a lot more responsive.

Asides the attention given to improving the quality and the performance of the iOS, there are still some other changes that would be coming out with the new iOS 12, some of which would be taking a look out in the sections below;

The first is the augmented reality feature, it is very likely that they would be some major improvements to the augmented reality features and the ARKit would be receiving some much needed boost in the iOS 12.

The next feature we would be discussing is the Parental Control feature, they strong indications that they would be major improvements to the Parental Control terms in iOS 12. One of such improvement would be a per-app passcode or a Touch ID lock for each app. Currently, you can lock some documents or the entire phone, and you can lock specific application.

Apple's recent acquisition of Shazam means that we are sure to see improved integration with the iPhone and iPad in the new iOS 12, this is pretty straightforward to predict.

We should look forward to some new Health features on the iOS 12. We are not so sure about what to expect but it is certain some new improvements would be made to the iOS health features.

In this new few paragraphs, we would be looking at some possible changes that might be introduced in the new iOS 12, there isn't a 100% certainty that these features would be rolled out with iOS 12. However, they have been serious buzz around them. We feel it's worth mentioning some of them. Some of the patents for these features has been filed by Apple so they are in works, although we aren't so sure about when they would be released.

The first we would be looking at is the Personalised response from Siri. We could be in for some exciting cool feature that would allow Siri's to personalize its response if users are unable to answer their phones. Siri could use information derived from gather data on your phone to give a response. For example, if you are using the Map app on your phone for navigation, Siri could send a response indicating that you are driving and are unable to answer your phone.

There are predictions that Apple would be introducing the long-awaited feature that would allow users make group call via FaceTime on their iPhones, a lot like the way you can do so on Skype.

Other new features that are expected to be introduced in iOS 12 include;

Ÿ   Improvements on Emoji Search

Ÿ   Horizontal Face ID

Ÿ   AirPlay 2

Ÿ   Multi-user accounts

Ÿ   New messaging features

Ÿ   Smart Wi-fi

Ÿ   Contacts availability status

Ÿ   Dynamic finger-detecting Keyboard

Now let's take a brief look at some features we are unlikely to see in the new iOS 12.

The iOS 12 is coming soon for the much anticipated iOS and Mac OS merge. There are places to make this a possibility, but I guess the iOS 12 isn't the right time to make this happen as there has been some back and forth over the merit of having such integration. Apple's CEO has voiced his opinion strongly against this.

For devices that would be able to run the iOS 12, we think the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 would work just fine on the iOS 12 including later versions of the iPad. While for the iPhones, the iPhone 6 and the sixth generation iPod touch would also be able to install and run on iOS 12.  

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