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Home > Tips > [Updated] Top 10 iOS 12 Potential Problems Found So Far and Quick Fixes

[Updated] Top 10 iOS 12 Potential Problems Found So Far and Quick Fixes

The article lists the top 10 potential iOS 12 problems found so far and shows possible solutions to solve them. Check these 10 common iOS 12 problems and fixes before upgrading to iOS 12.

Updated Sep 12,2018 | by Joy

Before the release of iOS 12, many users had downloaded its beta version to test iOS 12 new features. However, up till now, there have been some potential iOS 12 problems encountered by users after updating to iOS 12. Today the article lists the top 10 potential iOS 12 issues and quick fixes for you.

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Problem 1: Unable to Download iOS 12

The release of iOS 12 captivated many Apple lovers, who immediately tended to download it to test the new updates. However, most of them complained that they couldn’t download it. In fact, this problem arises almost each time when a new Apple operating system is released. Check the following solutions to solve it.

Possible Solutions:

  • Restart iOS device. Hold on the power button and the Home button until the Apple logo appears.

  • Ensure that the network is working properly.

  • Make sure your iOS device is at least 50% charged.

  • Check the Apple ID and Password that you are using to login into Developers account.

  • Clean up your iPhone or iPad for more space. After all, the insufficient memory is one of the most common causes of failed download.

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Problem 2: Failed to Install iOS 12

The below screenshot shows an error occurred while you are installing iOS 12 beta software profile. Read on to find out the solutions to solve this iOS 12 problems.

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Possible Solutions:

  • Turn off Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and try it again in a few minutes.

  • Make sure your iOS device is compatible with iOS 12.

  • Reset the network connection. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings” to reset the network. 

  • Force restart your iPhone or iPad if resetting network does not work. 

  • Update your iPhone to iOS 12 via iTunes. Open iTunes on computer and connect iPhone or iPad. Then select your device and go to “Summary” > “Check for Update”.


Problem 3: App Store Not Working

App Store not working is one of the most common iOS 12 problems frequently faced by users. Some users said that they can’t connect to App Store and can’t download apps. Here are some solutions to solve this problem.

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Possible Solutions:

  • Check the network connection to make sure you have a stable Cellular Data or Wi-Fi. 

  • Clear cache on App Store.

  • Free up more storage space. Simply delete some useless files like apps, videos, photos, etc. to clean up iPhone or iPad for more space.

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Problem 4: No Service on iPhone After iOS 12 Update

Will your iPhone randomly restart and give you a No Service notification after updating to iOS 12? If you have already encountered this issue, follow the fixes to solve it.

  • Restart your iPhone.

  • Simply check your coverage area by going to “Settings” > “Cellular” and switch on “Cellular Data”.

  • Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings” to reset network settings. 

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Problem 5: Cellular Data Not Working on iOS 12

Some people complained that Cellular Data not working on iPhone after iOS 12 update. Now let’s see how to solve it.

Possible Solutions:

  • Restart your iPhone or iPad. 

  • Simply turn Cellular Data off and on. Go to “Settings” > “Cellular” > Turn it off. Then turn it on again in a few seconds.

  • Reset the Network Settings. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset Network Settings”.

  • Turn Airplane Mode on and off. Go to “Settings” > “Enable Airplane Mode”. Then turn it off after several seconds and try to use “Cellular Data” again.

Problem 6: Wi-Fi Not Working on iOS 12 

Wi-Fi not working on iOS 12 is also a common bug encountered by some users. Follow the solutions to fix it.

Possible Solutions:

  • Check that your router is working correctly.

  • Reset the Network Settings as in the previous step.

  • Go to “Settings” > “WLAN” to forget the Wi-Fi network and then join it again.

Problem 7: iPhone or iPad Safari 403 Forbidden Error on iOS 12

“ After updating to iOS 12 beta, I always get a 403 forbidden error while using Safari on my iPhone.” said by a user, “I can’t access the websites. How can I fix this issue? Please help!”

Actually, Safari 403 error is also a common bug faced by many users after iOS 12 update. If you are now worrying about this issue, check the below solutions.

Possible Solutions:

  • Make sure your Safari is up to date. An old version of Safari may cause this problem.

  • Check your cookie settings. Go to “Settings” > “Safari” and turn off “Block All Cookies”. If it is enabled, websites may not work.


  • Delete Safari cache and history. Go to “Settings” > “Safari” > “Clear History and Website Data” and then delete your browsing history and cookies.

Problem 8 : iPhone or iPad Keeps Restarting after Upgrading to iOS 12

After upgrading to iOS 12, iOS device keeps restarting. What should you do? If you find yourself in this situation, you can try the below solutions.


Possible Solutions:

  • Force restart your iPhone or iPad by holding the power button and the Home buttons until the Apple logo appears.

  • Resetting All Settings may be a good way to solve this problem. 

  • Update or Delete Some Apps on iPhone or iPad. The old apps may not be compatible with iOS 12, then your iOS devices might keep crashing and restarting. Simply long press the apps you need to delete until you see “X” symbol at the top left corner of the app icon. Then tap on the “X” to remove the apps. Or you can use this iPhone manager to delete apps in batch.

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  • Restore your iPhone or iPad from iTunes. Open iTunes and connect your device to computer. Then click the device icon and go to “Restore iPhone” to start the restoring process. Note that it is the last choice for you to solve the problem, because this way will erase all data on your iOS devices before restoring. You must make sure that you’ve backed up all files.

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Problem 9: Camera Not Working on iOS 12

iOS 12 enables users to add personality to FaceTime and Messages directly from Camera. However, some users reported that Camera effects in Messages and FaceTime do not work properly after updating to iOS 12. When they open Camera on iPhone or iPad, it shows nothing but a black screen. If you have the same problem, what should you do? No worry. Follow the below solutions.


Possible Solutions:

  • Force close the Camera app on your iPhone or iPad and then open it again to see if the issue is still there.

  • Force restart your iPhone or iPad if the above way does not work. This method usually works for many common iOS 12 problems.

  • Reset All settings. Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Reset” > “Reset All Settings”.

Problem 10: iPhone Battery Draining Fast

Many users also said that their iPhone or iPad battery will drain very fast after upgrading to iOS 12. In fact, this issue is not a new topic as almost each new iOS operating system can cause it. Check the below solutions.

Possible Solutions:

  • Restart you iPhone or iPad. 

  • Quit Background Running Apps. Some users are used to run many apps at the same time and always forget to close them when not using. It is a common reason for iOS 12 battery draining rapidly. Double-click the Home Button to quit the running apps.

  • Turn on Low Power Mode. iPhone or iPad will get into low battery mode when the power is less than 20%. However, you can also turn on low battery mode anytime. Just go to “Settings” > “Battery” > “Low Power Mode”.


Bottom Line:

Hope the above fixes for iOS 12 problems can help you a lot. Before upgrading to iOS 12, remember to back up all data so that you can avoid any data loss. Here you can use IOTransfer to easily backup your photos, music, videos and other data. It also enables users to download videos online and convert videos to compatible formats. Besides, it allows you to clean up iPhone or iPad for more space so that you can solve the above iOS 12 problems.

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