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Home > Tips > iOS 11 is Coming: iOS 11 New Features’ Summary

iOS 11 is Coming: iOS 11 New Features’ Summary

Apple held its annual WWDC 2017 on 6th June. iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad undoubtedly drew the greatest attention. What new features can iOS 11 bring? Here, we give you a summary of important and interesting iOS 11 features.

Updated Jun 07,2017 | by Niko


Apple held its annual WWDC 2017 on 6th June. As one of the most important Apple’s events, WWDC 2017 puts emphasis on the software platform, including iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Among these operating systems, iOS 11 for iPhone and iPad undoubtedly drew the greatest attention. Besides, it’s the 10th anniversary of iPhone, and that makes people more interested in the new features of the upcoming iOS 11.

After several months of testing, many features of iOS 11 has been optimized and improved. Finally, Apple released iOS 11 on September 19. So, what new features can iOS 11 bring? Here, we give you a summary of important and interesting iOS 11 features.


Some old iOS models are not compatible with iOS 11, such as iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPad 4 and etc. Currently, these devices can support iOS 11:

iPhone: iPhone 5s, iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPad: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad (5th generation), iPad mini 2, 3, 4

iPod: iPod touch 6th generation

Besides, iOS11 is no longer support 32-bit applications, and all 32-bit applications cannot be installed on iOS devices in iOS 11.

iOS 11 for iPhone

1. Apple Pay – P2P Support

Apple Pay has been launched in 16 countries and regions, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and etc. For this contactless payment service, iOS 11 will bring a big improvement and convenience.

By integrating Apple Pay to Messages, you are able to send/receive Apple Pay cash via iMessages in iOS 11 to your friends directly. The money will be kept in Apple Pay Cash, and you can send to others, spend in app stores or transfer to your bank account.


2. Smarter Siri

As before, Siri is an important part of iOS 11 update. This time, Siri comes with a new and more natural voice. Besides, Siri becomes smarter, and it can predict users’ behavior based on the previously mentioned content.

In iOS 11, Siri will support voice translation capability, but this feature is still in Beta. According to Apple, the voice translation feature of Siri supports English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German and Italian.


3. Brand New Control Center

iOS 11 redesigned the Control Center with the single-page interface. It makes the Control Center bigger and more modular. You can also unlock more commands in Control Center by using 3D Touch. At the same time, iOS 11 integrates Lock Screen with Notification Center. As the result, you will get all your notifications in just one handy place.



4. Notification Center with Lock Screen

In addition to the brand new Control Center, iOS 11 integrates the Lock screen and Notification Center as well. Apple made some substantial adjustments in the previous iOS 10. One of the most obvious changes is iOS 10 replaced Slide to Unlock with Press Home to Unlock. While in iOS 11, Apple continues to its depth optimization, and makes Lock screen and Notification Center perfectly integrated.


5. iMessage App Drawer and Effects

iOS 11 redesigned and enriched iMessage app drawer option, which brings better look and user-friendly interaction. This time, Apple allows you to customize iMessage app drawer in iOS 11. iOS 11 also introduced 2 screen effects in iMessage app: Echo and Spotlight. 


6. Better Photos and Smaller File Size

In terms of iPhone photos, iOS 11 optimizes some features of Camera, such as sample quality, O.I.S, HDR mode and others. Based on the new API, you can personalize your photos quickly. The new filters take your portraiture photos to a professional-quality level. Even better, Apple uses HEIC as the default photo format, the next-generation compression technology can cut the photos at half the file size but with the same quality.

In addition, Live Photo adds some new features as well. You can make your Live Photo rock back and forth, and capture the elements of time and movement.


7. New App Store

In iOS 11, App Store comes with new design. It adds Today and Game tab, and it’s quite easy and convenient for you to discover and buy apps in the new App Store. Visit this page to learn more about iOS 11 new App Store.


iOS 11 for iPad

Besides iOS 11 for iPhone, iOS 11 for iPad also shows big changes. Now, we list some great features of iOS 11 for iPad.

1. The new Dock for iPad

In iOS 11, Apple adds the new Dock to iPad. The new Dock of iPad is similar to MacOS’s Dock. You can customize it with your favorite and frequently-used apps. The Dock changes as you work as well.


2. Multitasking with Split View

iOS 11 brings iPad a drag & drop feature. By using this great feature, you can use Split View to multitask. Text, photos and files can be moved from one app to another.


3. Files App

As one of the most important and interesting updates, iOS 11 brings the new Files app to the public. With this app, now you can browse, search and organize all your files in one place. Files app supports cloud services like iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Box and etc.


iOS 11 really sets a new standard, and it can definitely make your iOS devices more powerful, useful and intelligent. In terms of iOS 11 public version’s release date, it is coming this fall, may with the new iPhone 8.

For more information about iOS 11, you can visit: 

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