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Home > Tips > Is your iPhone Safe? Ways to Improve iPhone Privacy

Is your iPhone Safe? Ways to Improve iPhone Privacy

Your privacy in iPhone would be easy in danger when connecting to public networks or your iPhone getting stolen. Here are few methods that can improve the privacy and strengthen the security of your iPhone.

Updated Jul 22,2016 | by Shannon

Having an iPhone is like having a friend around you. Your iPhone contains a lot of personal information, such as photographs, contacts and other important details. But, how to keep your iPhone content safe from harm? iPhone getting stolen is a concern regarding iPhone security but it is not the only one. Your privacy in iPhone would be also in danger when you go out and connect to public networks. Below are few methods that can improve the privacy and strengthen the security of your iPhone.


Use Touch ID and set a passcode

Touch ID is a great feature on Apple devices. It comes with biometric sensors on the home button which support recognizing fingerprints to unlock iPhone. It is safer than a four-digit passcode, as your code can be guessed by someone. However, you can also set a longer and more complex code that is hard to guess. You can find the option in Settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Change Passcode.

set passcode on iPhone.jpg

Enable "Find My iPhone"

No one would want their data to go in other hands. So, always plan ahead of time. Even though you are alert about where you keep your iPhone, there can be times when you can accidentally lose it or it might get stolen. For this reason, Enable "Find My iPhone" may help you get your iPhone back if it does get stolen. It's a great feature to assist you to find the location of your lost iPhone.


Set up a two-step verification code

Even though you won’t install any apps from 3rd party sources, it is sure that your iOS operating system is vulnerable if someone else gets access to your phone. This is why you should take preventive steps so that you can create obstacles in the path of the ones who wish to look into your phone. Whenever you access any account from an unknown device, you will get a call/ text message on your iPhone.


Disconnect Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When you are not using them. Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time means you might leave an open door for cybercriminals.


Use Secure networks

Be careful when you use public networks. Make sure to connect to networks which are secure. Otherwise, consider using a VPN.


Limit on Apps

Whenever you are downloading an application, make a habit of checking if the application is coming from a trusted/ official source and also see what permissions they ask you before you can install the application. Don’t allow permissions that seem wary.


Regularly Update

Whenever your iPhone informs you that there's an update, you'd better update it. As the updated system contains bug fixes and security updates to your device. If you value your security and privacy, you must think about installing the update on your iPhone.

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