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Home > Tips > 3 Ways to Fix iCloud Music Library Cannot Be Enabled

3 Ways to Fix iCloud Music Library Cannot Be Enabled

If you find iCloud Music Library cannot be enabled on your iOS device, don’t worry. Here are three solutions for you to solve it without downloading other tools.

Updated Nov 01,2018 | by Cody

Some Apple Music subscribers have come across the error "iCloud Music Library Couldn’t be Enabled" when they try to toggle on iCloud Music Library.


The whole error message would be like this”You iCloud Music Library is temporarily unavailable. Try enabling it again later in Settings.” As the message suggested, you can try enabling it a few times.  If not working, don’t worry. There are 3 solutions to help you.

Generally, this problem is with your device, not your Apple account. You can solve this problem by yourself using one or more of the methods below. If you can enable iCloud Music Library on all your devices, then you should contact Apple Help Center to check your account.

The Cause

The most likely cause to this problem would be corrupted music database on the device. You will need special (paid) software to delete the database to fix this problem. Well, you do not have to go that far because here are three methods to help you fix this problem with ease.

Method 1: Try Downloading a Few Tracks

You probably have tried many times to toggle on iCloud Music Library in the Settings app, so I will not consider that 1 solution.

Step 1. Open Apple Music and download a few songs.


Step 2. Go to Settings, tap on Music.

Step 3. Toggle on iCloud Music Library. When asked to choose Merge or Replace, you select Replace.

Step 4. Wait for a few seconds, and then you should be able to enable iCloud Music Library.

Method 2: Transfer the Device to Apple Music Account

If you still cannot enable iCloud Music Library after trying the first method, then you will need to get access to all your other devices that are associated with this Apple ID. If you only have one iOS device, then you iTunes on a Windows PC or Mac. As you know, you can also add music to iCloud Music Library using iTunes. 

Step 1. Run Apple Music on another device and try to download a song.

Step 2. If you are prompted to enable iCloud Music Library, just enable it on that device.


Step 3. If one of the devices ask you to Transfer, you accept and start the transfer.

This should be able to fix the problem Cloud Music Library cannot be enabled.

Method 3: Restore with iTunes

The iCloud Music Library should work previously, so you can use iTunes to restore your iDevice to the previous state. If you have created an iTunes backup of your iPhone, that’s great. You can restore from backup, so no data will be lost.

If you have no backup, you can use iCloud to backup your iPhone or iPad now. When that backup is complete, use iTunes to restore your iOS device to factory settings. After that, you should be able to enable iCloud Music Library. Since you have iCloud backup, your software and other data can be restored from iCloud backup.


If you received the error saying ” iCloud Music Library can’t be turned on because this device is already associated with another Apple ID. This device can be associated with a different Apple ID in [number] days“, then you will have to wait the [number] of days, which is less than 90 days.

I had this problem before. I tried sign out this device from another Apple ID, but no valid. If you have a solution for that, let me know in the comments section.

Bonus Tip: Transfer Music to Your iOS Device with IOTransfer

The methods 3 can definitely fix the error iCloud Music Library cannot be enabled, but it takes time to restore iTunes backup. If you only want to sync music between your iPhone and PC, there is a better and faster way to do it with iPhone manager software IOTransfer .

IOTransfer is Windows software that helps you transfer music, videos, photos, contacts and other documents between your iOS device and PC with ease. A drag and drop will do.

 5.manage music.png

What’s more amazing about this tool is that it enables you to sync music to your iPhone from PC or back without being plugged in. As long as you PC and iPhone are connected to the same network, you can go to the AirTrans section to enable Wi-Fi file transfer.

 22.airtrans device detection.png

That’s not all. This program also allows you to download videos from YouTube and other 100+ websites. If you do not like the default file format of the downloaded video, you can also use it to convert video to another video format or audio only. 


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