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Home > Tips > How to Use Picture in Picture Mode on iPad in iOS 11

How to Use Picture in Picture Mode on iPad in iOS 11

Picture in Picture Mode in iOS 11 on iPad allows users to do multitasking on their iPad, for instance, chatting with friends while watching TV show. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Picture in Picture mode on iPad in iOS 11 step by step.

Updated Sep 27,2017 | by Shannon

Picture in picture(PiP) mode was first introduced in iOS 9. The PiP feature allows iPad owners shrink video and play video in a floating window at a corner of iPad’s screen. So they can continue watching videos and do other things on their iPad at the same time. For example, you can reply emails while enjoying your favorite movie, chat with friends while watching an interesting TV show. 


Picture-in-Picture video is an amazing feature on iPad. Especially in iOS 11, more apps support PiP. However many iPad users still know little about how to enable and master picture in picture multitasking feature. In this tutorial you are going to learn how to use Picture in Picture mode on iPad in iOS 11 step by step.

The first thing to know is that Picture in Picture Mode is supported on iPad models after iPad Air and iPad mini 2. So be sure you’ve got the newer devices. And so far in iOS 11, apps support PiP include:

     Default Video Play            Amazon

     ESPN                                 HBO Go

     Hulu                                  MLB

     Netflix                               NHL

     Pocket                               Showtime


How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode on iPad in iOS 11

Start Picture in Picture is quite easy, you just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open any video app which support PiP, play a video in it.

Step 2: To enter PiP mode, tap on Picture-in-Picture button in the video play back controls.

Then the video will automatically shirk to the corner of iPad screen and become a floating window.

Also, if you don’t like the feature, there is way to disable it.

How to Disable Picture in Picture Video on iPad 

Go to Settings > General on iPad, tap on Multitasking, simply switching off the option “Persistent Video Overlay” will disable PiP video function.

How to Control Picture in Picture Window in iOS 11

Ÿ   Move the PiP window

Use one finger touch the window and drag it to any position on the screen.

Ÿ   Remove the PiP window

Use one finger to swipe the PiP window to sideways off the screen.

And you can tap on the PiP sideways or drag it back to screen.

Ÿ   Resize Picture in Picture video

Use two fingers touch drag the edge of the video to make the window bigger or smaller.

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